Chanel Reveal: Just Picked Her Up!

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  1. As part of a treat to myself for getting a new job and starting a new phase in my career, I picked up this beauty tonight at the Chanel boutique in Soho. Here’s the unboxing!
    IMG_4526.jpg IMG_4527.jpg IMG_4528.jpg IMG_4529.jpg IMG_4532.jpg

    I tried on both the quilted and chevron medium Gabrielle but ended up going to the chevron because of how puffy the leather was. I love this style so much!
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  2. Beautiful bag. Gabrielle is one of my favorite bags from Chanel. It's versatile and it fits a lot!
  3. So lovely!!
  4. Congrats to your new job and bag, love your chevron Gabrielle!
  5. I love chevron on the Gabrielle! Such a beauty!! Congrats on your new Gabrielle and congrats on starting your "new phase" in your career:hugs:
  6. Thank you all for the nice words! Really excited for a different type of Chanel (I’ve only had flaps and a boy). I thought the medium might be too big but it’s the perfect size (for reference I’m 5”2’-ish. My SA was also super lovely!

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  7. You're so welcome!! And thank you for the picture, as I'm also 5'2ish :lol:. The medium really does look perfect on you:heart: Such a gorgeous bag:loveeyes:
  8. So pretty! Congrats!
  9. She looks great on you and I’m a big fan of chevron. Great choice! Congrats and enjoy!!
  11. I love chevron and that bag looks fab on you!
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  12. This bag looks great on you! :smile:
  13. :congrats: You look FAB!!!:heart::loveeyes::tup:
  14. very pretty! love the chevron on this one
  15. Congrats to both job and bag! It looks great on you!!!!!