Chanel Returned Bags

littles mom

littles mom
Oct 5, 2013
Handbag Land
I realize that many purchases are impulse purchases with regrets later but, is anyone bothered by Chanel returned bags? It is necessary at times of course. But, there is something about buying a bag so expensive that was a return and could potentially have been used before returning. Does anyone else feel this way? I'm not saying there should be no return policy at all. Because there needs to be. I'm just saying it kind of bothers me to think someone else could have had it in their home for weeks. :smile:


Nov 25, 2008
In theory, it bothers me, particularly if someone has worn it. If unworn, I don't think I care. Hard to tell what's what.

I don't think I've ever purchased a return (can't guarantee obviously) but I've purchased from stores that have brought "fresh" ones from the back.


LovEmAll @dailyloves
Aug 28, 2014
Washington DC
I thought Chanel accepts returns of unworn merchandise only. If I return a bag it's because it has not left my all. If I wear it out, then to me it's worn and I won't return it. I guess in theory someone could wear a bag once and then return it without anyone really being able to tell if it's been worn. I have to say though...after a few times of wearing a bag the leather becomes nice and soft and imho even more luxurious so it would be hard for someone to wear a bag for an entire month and then return it without the SA being able to tell, right?


Nov 25, 2008
Also chanel boutiques accept returns with 14 days, so a short window...that's good. BG accepts returns within any time frame, questionable if something from years past suddenly appears at the store.


May 30, 2012
Chicago, IL
I would say it bugs me a little... I have a white GST that I bought from an SA who I don't work with anymore (*ahem)-- it looked good when I bought it, but by the time I got home there were a few noticeable creases, no tag and a few popped threads. At the time, we had such a good relationship that I didn't want to call her out on selling me a clearly used and/or returned bag--- and I wouldn't say I regret the purchase, just feel a little used -- lol -- like this bag!
Feb 6, 2010
OP, I tend to agree with you. I am always weary of bags that dont have tags attached, and I am bothered if it clearly looks worn out and has scratches or creases. If I change my mind about a bag, I return it right away usually within 3 days or less and try not to take it out more than 1-2x. I think this is why I usually prefer buying from the boutiques because they have shorter return time which lessens that incidence of getting a used bag.
Apr 29, 2014
I am bothered by it because their bags are so expensive. I came from a place where return is not allowed at Chanel. But here in America, almost everything can be returned, that resulted in people not thinking thoroughly before making a purchase. If there's no return policy, or change it to credit only, this may curb a lot of impulse buy. But then the SA may not like it, cos it'll be harder to make a sale.