Chanel Reporter Handbag Found and GOT 1!!!!

  1. Hi nice to be here with all my fellow Baggatrons!!! i was looking for a Chanel Cambon Ligne Reporter bag in medium size in Black in white CC logo...tried calling 10 boutique and cant find one... Last Chance? eBay!!! went to eBay and had doubts with the authenticity of the bags..Told my bf to help me find the bag..then BAM!!!! Hit one store Neiman Marcus Boca Raton!!! They were selling 3 pcs left Black on Black, Beige on Beige and Brown on Brown.. then Saw this 1 unique pcs... Chanel Camera collection in Blue the same syle as the Ligne but different strap (ill post my picture next week)!!! MY HEART POUNDED LIKE I SAW BRAD PITT HAHAHA!!! BF bought it for me!!! and its the Medium size cambon reporter bag the difference between the Ligne and the Camera? camera shoulder strap is in Chain with leather wrap on it.. the other Just leather... So bought the blue one and got my peace of mind of authenticity.. My question did they ever made one in Black on Black of the Chanel Reporter Camera? Please respond if anyone knows it... If you guys wants to buy one? Chanel reporter Ligne handbag..Neiman Marcus in Bocaraton Florida has 3 pcs left...grab your phone because once its gone its GONE!!!!! no stores will have it and will ever have it..who knows...So my fellow baggatrons!!! Grab your phone and call(561)417-5151:tup::nuts::wlae:
  2. So NIce to be here!!!:wlae::ty:
  3. Sounds gorgeous! How big is the bag/ was it on sale?
  4. its in a medium size i think like 12inches in wasnt on sale i dont think it will be on sale..the chanel camera the one i bought was $2795+ tax the ligne reporter bag was i think $3150+ tax
  5. Congrats!!! I hear brown on brown is a really hard color combo to find, I'm surprised they have it.
  6. It sounds like you have the blue Cotton Club Reporter which came out in Spring of 07. I have it in the tote style. It's a beautiful color blue and the quilted leather is distressed versus smooth like the Cambon. It did come in black on black as well.

  7. yeah that does sound like the cotton club and I really love that ligne, can't wait to see your pics and welcome!
  8. oh lucky you, enjoy it
  9. Did you get the blue cotton club bowler (camera bag) or reporter?

    Just FYI, ligne is French for line. Cambon is a line, Cotton Club is a line.
  10. :tpfrox:Thanks guy!!! i got the blue on blue..the reason i got it is because of the chain looks very chanel..I got the Blue on Blue reporter bag..ill post my pictures.. l8r...
  11. Congrats on your new bag, and btw.. love the part about Brad Pitt:heart::graucho: and the way you felt when you saw your new bag:smile:
  12. Thanks guys for the reponse...:yahoo:Here is the bag i bought!!! I hope you guys enjoy it...ill post my bag collection soon...NO TO FAKES!!!!
  13. Wow, love the blue of the Cotton Club reporter, it is gorgeous!! Congrats and enjoy!
  14. Hi Nats!!! thank you for the fast reponse..i have a question..did it come in black?:jammin: