chanel reporter bag

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  1. Okay, im trying to find a chanel reporter bag, thats black and white. I can't at all. I live in Seattle and there isn't a Chanel store around me, so i really dont know where to find one at.. any suggestions? anywhere on the internet?

    I also found this website i think it was that sold a ton of chanel purses.. do any of you know if they are real or not?

  2. You can call any Saks, neiman, or chanel boutique and they will ship it to you. If there's no chanel store in your state, you don't have pay the tax.
  3. There's a chanel store in Nordstrom downtown seattle. they have big selection.
  4. that store sells fakes, don't buy from them

    and like the previous posters said, you can contact any boutique and have them send it to you.
  5. Does anyone know the retail on this bag?
  6. Call the Chanel boutiques in HI, they had that color combo last time I checked.
  7. call Saks in portland. then you don't have to pay tax. I live here too and there are no good handbag stores but at least in Portland the SA will find them for me at one of their other stores and I don't pay the tax.
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