Chanel repairs- Possible? Cost?

  1. I have a large black caviar quilted tote I just LOVE, but it's getting up there in age and the corners are starting to wear, the chain is losing its luster and the gold plating on the logo clasp is coming off. I'd love to restore it to its old glory, but don't know if Chanel can do the repairs on the corners, how long they will take and how much they will cost. Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Also, the zipper was replaced a while back, but not by Chanel. Will they have a problem with this? Someone told me LV won't do repairs on a bag that's been repaired elsewhere unless they can repair that part too.

    Does anyone have any experience sending their caviar bag to a good repair shop or is it best just to go straight to the source?

    Thanks so much!!!!
  2. I just sent my bag in for 'total refurbishment' through Chanel itself-it includes changing out hardware, re-dying and or reglazing the leather all kinds of stuff for $265. Estimated time is 6-8 weeks. HTH!

    Here's my thread on my 'rescue mission' purse-you can see my before-haven't gotten it back yet for any afters
  3. Go straight to Chanel with your purse and do not pass GO. Straps can be replaced or replated as can the hardware. They will redye the bag, if that's what is required. Plan on it being gone anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks. Depends on how much work they have on hand. They redyed the wrecked heart chain bag I bought off eBay and charged $125. Replating and new straps will run the cost up somewhat. However, your bag will return looking clean and sparkling again. Believe me you'll be thrilled.
  4. Thanks, I will definitely go straight to Chanel. I'm glad I just bought another bag to help make those 6-8 weeks not so lonely! Hopefully it will only run around $265- do they give you an idea of the price first or do they just send you the bill?
  5. Go straight to Chanel or the place you bought it (i.e. Neimans). I have sent a lot of my bags for repairs and cleans, and it's great!
  6. Chanel boutique in BH is wonderful. They have a repair department and gives estimates.
  7. There's a list of services with the prices next to it, your SA can help you determine what your bag needs. I went with 'total refurbishment' which costs no more than $265. They bill you after but I don't think it's possible to cost anymore than $265

  8. Can they repair flattened out quilts too?
  9. Will Chanel repair bags purchased from a second-hand source if the item is authentic?
  10. ^^^^^^^^^ Yes.
  11. Nice! Now I wonder if it's worth it to find well-used bags on eBay and just get them refurbished? Hmm...
  12. Great thread - thanks for the info!
  13. As to the question about re-inflating the quilts, I don't think so but who knows. It's not like there is an air pump you can just pump them up. As for how they get flattened, I'd like to know that too because I don't want to see my quilts look like a pancake one day.
  14. ^If they did "re-inflate" the quilts, I think they would have to undo ALL of the quilting and re-stitch it. That would either (a) ruin the bag, (b) make them have to use all new leather to do that which I would think would cost a LOT. I've seen old vintage Chanels and the quilting still looks fine, so I think that if the quilts get "flattened" it's more of a matter of improper care/storage?

    Anyhow, I'm not sure to what extent Chanel will repair due to wear and tear and not manufacturer's defects. They may just tell you it's time to buy another one after a certain point.