Chanel Repair?

  1. Can someone tell me more about it? How long does it take? How do I send it in and who to? How much? Ect.

    Thanks! :idea:
  2. hi, i would take your chanel to the boutique to get your questions answered. the cost and the length of time for repair will depend on the extent of the damage, i would assume. but, they'll let you know for sure.
    hths! good luck!
  3. ^^^ mick is totally right. i called chanel about a repair on my bag and they said maybe it would be 120. then i brought it in to chanel and they advised me against some of the things i was asking about. they told me my sprucing would take 8 weeks but they didn't give me a cost. i also brought earrings in that were broken. they told me it would be a few weeks. it was ready after 1 week and they didn't charge me.

    you really should bring it in. hth!
  4. I just took mine to Chanel Singapore for my two classic bags for the handle stiches, it will take up to two weeks

    with a cost per repair spot like Singapore $25 to be paid by pick up time only
  5. Unfortunately, I'm not very close to a Chanel Boutique at all. Are there other alternatives? :sweatdrop:
  6. call customer service (800-550-0005) and describe the damage as best you can, they should be able to give you some kinda ballpark, i would imagine. they should also be able to tell you where to ship your bag to perform the repairs.
  7. It would take a few weeks. I have had 2 chanels cleaned so far

    I gave mine to Neimans and they sent it to Chanel. I received it in around 2-3 weeks looking gorgeous ;)
  8. I just brought my Cloudy Bundle to Chanel in SF, and the SA told me they send all their bags to one guy in NJ who only works on Chanels. (I think all Chanel repairs get sent to him and his crew). She told me it would take 4-6 weeks for a total refurb, and that the price typically ranges from $120-300. The repair people can call you with an estimate before they start their work.

    Since you're not near a Chanel boutique, try calling the 800 number, and maybe you can send it directly to Mr. Chanel-Fix-It in NJ! Good luck!
  9. ok, thanks a lot! I will definitley try that.