Chanel repair nightmare

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  1. #1 Mar 31, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 31, 2016
    I have a Chanel mini bag that I bought in May 2015. The stitching on the strap ends became loose so I brought it into my boutique to get it repaired in the beginning of January 2016. When the bag came back, the strap was torn. So the store sent it back for repair to get the strap replaced. When the bag came back, it was repaired but the strap was no longer one continuous piece of leather. It had three different sections of leather glued together to make one strap. When I called the 1800 customer care line to explain the situation, this was their reply:
    "Thank you for contacting Chanel Customer Care regarding your handbag repair.

    Please know we have forwarded your concerns to our Corporate Office and Corporate Repairs Department.

    In regards to your repair,please know that there will be a visible end to the interlace chain and fold over seam and stitching which is inevitable. The three-part interwoven leather strap was the only solution to repair the shoulder strap of your handbag. All of our interlace chains are constructed and woven by hand, altering the interlaced leather in the chain would technically be altering the design of the handbag. Chanel's After Service Department did all that they were able to do to repair and stabilize the strap of your handbag.

    We do sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you have experienced. Should you have any further questions or concerns, we do kindly ask you reach out to our Tysons Corner Boutique directly at 703-847-0555."

    This was my reply:
    "I completely disagree with that reply. The repair center altered my bag by tearing the leather on my original strap. The three-part woven strap is NOT how I bought the bag originally. That in and of itself is an alteration to the bag because that is not how the bag originally was. It was one continuous piece of leather. This was the fault of the after care service and they can't provide me the leather strap how I originally bought the piece?

    This is absolutely disgraceful of the company. To ruin a bag and can't fix it how I bought it. The three strand solution is not an acceptable one as I saw the glued down part coming up on other bags in the store.
    I have bought many Chanel items over the years but I will no longer support the company. This is by far the worst experience I've ever had with a repair of anything I bought. The after service care ripped my leather strap."

    Chanel has lost a loyal customer. I have bought bags and slgs for many years but I can no longer support a company that tears my bag and then can't fix it how it originally was bought. I asked for one continuous piece of leather the way I bought it but it came back with the 3 different sections glued. I saw another strap in the store that has 3 different sections and the end was already lifting up, a brand new bag.

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  2. Eeeek this is the second repair horror story I've heard within the past week. There's a guy a YouTube with a Chanel mini that he sent back 3 times. Third time he went to pick up the bag he refused to bring it home because it still hasn't been repaired. I believe they're working on giving him credit or a refund. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. Maybe try bringing it back and demand that they actually fix it or give you a refund. Good luck!
  3. I saw that same youtube video.

    It's extremely distressing to hear another similar story. This should not be acceptable.

    I'm so sorry this happened to you.
  4. Hmm no good. This is rather disappointing. Hope you manage to get something sorted with them. Keep us updated...
  5. Do you have the link for the video?

    many thanks x
  6. I think these sort of blunders are the exact reason Chanel stopped doing repairs of bags older than 5 years; they are barely able to service the most basic of requests.

    I suggest appealing to the SA who sold this bag to you and as another poster suggested-get a credit or a new bag. The SA whom you have worked with will have more of a reason to try to satisfy you as a customer. 1.800 Chanel sees you as just another repair and they probably could care less.

    This is really a shame. Do you have any recourse thru your CC co - I know some of them will help in these situations. Although it's not preferable, if you can't get anywhere with the above suggestions, I would contact Leather Surgeons and talk to them directly.
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  8. I'm still getting the hang of how to reply.

    I finally found them (there are three)
  9. I am so sorry, OP! I can imagine how frustrating this is for you. I noticed last week that a thread on my M/L CF has frayed! It is near one of the grommets and I am terrified to bring it in for repair. I have had this bag for almost two years and have only used it a handful of times. I've been trying to let it go and see if it will get worse before I make a decision. After reading your thread, I think that I will take a gazillion pictures of my bag first before handing it over for repair. Hopefully I won't, but just in case I need "proof".
  10. im so sorry to hear this horror story!! i had a similar experience (though not nearly as horrific as yours) with my brand new beige clair m/l CF. a part of the leather was peeling away from the strap (like the pic u showed) - i sent it in and waited for SIX WEEKS. it literally came back and looked the same except they glued that portion back - i swear i told myself i could've done that **** at home!!! it also came back without the original magnetic Chanel box i sent in - came back in just a cardboard Chanel box!!! i'm so glad i didn't send in my auth card or else who knows, that may have been lost as well!! i am NOT happy with Chanel quality. i was also told by the brand manager that what happened with my bag is "the natural quality of the leather as it moves/slides on the chain" - to which i replied "i have bags that are 20 years old and this does NOT happen with them", to which she just ignored me and repeated what she said. ugh, i don't blame you for no longer purchasing Chanel. they seriously need to step up their quality control and make their customers happy again!! shameful!!!

  11. I have a so black chevron jumbo that needs to be sent in for repair because 1) the center of the CC turnlock is turning slightly greenish, and 2) there are threads on the straps that are coming loose. The problem is that I am so, so, so nervous about sending it into Chanel because of all these stories, and I'm convinced that the bag is going to come back with dents or scratches or something. It took me about 4 tries before I found a chevron that didn't have any wrinkling or dents, and if they mess this bag up, I won't have any ways to get a new one! EEK!
  12. I'm shocked to hear that there are other horrifying repair stories for such an expensive brand. I bought this bag at the rue cambon store in Paris while I was on vacation so I wouldn't be able to bring it back to the SA that sold me this bag. But I also don't necessarily want a credit or refund as this is my favorite bag. The only thing I want is for my bag in its original condition and they can't even do that. Chanel corporates reply to me was this:
    "We do sincerely apologize for your experience regarding the repair of your bag. We do try to service all repairs with the best possible outcome that will not damage the integrity of your hand bag. Chanel's After Service Department did all that they were able to do to repair and stabilize the strap of your handbag.

    We thank you for the feedback you have provided, it will be shared with our After Service Department as well as our Tysons Corner Boutique."

    So they are not going to do anything about this.

    It makes me sick to my stomach that I spend all this money on bags for absolutely terrible customer service. I get better service at a Dunkin Donuts!
    But I will not be buying from Chanel again. It's not even worth the aesthetics anymore. I don't want my bags breaking down and having to go get it fixed and they ruin it more.
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  13. I would be really scared to send in that bag as well. After my personal experience, I won't be sending in any more bags for repair.
  14. This IS terrible and I just watched the first video which was disturbing as well. Do you have a SA at home that can put you in touch with a regional mgr? If you are out of options I would bring it to another repair place that can fix the strap-it should be a simple repair.
  15. Really sorry to hear (read) about your horrible experience :/ but props to you for not buying their bull crap and actually replying to them letting them know how disgusted you are by their service and reply!
    Hope they can straighten the situation after seeing your reply! This is so unacceptable for a company that charges us premium price for marked up bags especially with constant price increase...
    If only their quality of service increases proportionally to the price they charge.