Chanel Repair Lost my Auth Card, Any Advice?

  1. The moral of the story is never leave an authenticity card in a bag you send in for repair!!!

    I bought a GST in May from Bloomies and love it, but the woven leather started to unravel from the chain. I called the Chanel 800 # and they advised me to bring it in to the boutique on 57th in NYC for repair. I asked if I should put it in the the dust bag and bring the authenticity card and they said it was my choice, but however I brought it in, it would be returned in the same condition. I decided to bring the authencity card and leave it in the zip compartment of the bag since I bought the bag at Bloomies and thought I might need to show it to the Chanel boutique -- bad idea!! Luckily I left the dust bag at home.

    Today I go to pick up the bag and there is no authenticity card and also no little brochure which I had also left in the zip compartment. What is worse is that no one cared -- no apology, no concern!!! They told me I didn't "need" the authenticity card and that I had no proof that it was in the bag when I left it. Most horribly, I was told that if I was so upset about a missing authenticity card, then "you must have an easy life":hysteric:. You have got to be kidding me!!! I work very hard for my money. I was completely flabbergasted. Finally they agreed to call the actual repair guy and ask him to look for the card. I don't know why they didn't do this immediately. They have not gotten back to me so I think it is gone for good. I left the bag in the repair shop because I was so upset. I'm a bit sick that I have bought six Chanel bags in the last year and now get such bad service.

    Thanks for listening to this rant. Do you think I am overacting -- maybe?? I think only PFers appreciate how much it means to a bag lover to have the bag intact including the authenticity card. Have any of you had this problem? Any advice?
  2. WTF?
  3. eek.Id complain to the manager
  4. JayJay - I can understand how you feel and I'd be upset if in your shoes. I know we like a complete set with our Chanel but it's an authentic bag. If I may use a poor analogy - if you lost your wedding ring, you'd still be married, right? The ring is a symbol. You lost the authenticity card but it's still an authentic Chanel GST and it's yours!

    I do think the 'tude is a bit off-putting. Someone needs customer service training!
  5. That really blows!!! When I took mine in for reconditioning she asked me if the pockets were empty and she checked the inside. You should call them again and check if they found the card and talk to the manager about it.
  6. I can't believe that's how they responded to you!!! Hello, you pay over a grand (now over 2k) for a bag and it better come with ALL the bells and whistles (authenticity card, booklet). It doesn't matter if it wasn't the boutique's fault directly, they need to be reprimanded for the situation and especially for the way they responded. I can't believe that's the response they gave you!!! I'm so upset just reading that!
  7. I do think the attitude was the problem, but honestly, you shouldn't have left anything "valuable" to you in there. No, it shouldn't have happened and they surely could have handled it better, but the moral here is to not leave anything in a bag that we couldn't stand to lose.

    I would be upset too that they hadn't taken better care, but I do think it's important to remember not to leave things in the bag.
  8. oh my oh my oh my GOSH! i just read this and my heart skipped at the title because i just sent my cabas and reissue for repair at the boutique last friday! HOLY COW, THEY BETTER NOT LOSE MY AUTH CARDS, i don't know what i'll do to them lol. i just texted my SA and let her know about this, i hope they will come back fine with all the cards in tact otherwise i'll cry :crybaby:i can totally understand how you're feeling. i'm so sorry to hear this, just make sure you write an email to their superior!
  9. maxter, jill, regina07, steff1bp missisa07, ItsMyWorld, ladydeluxe -- thanks for your advice and support!! Thanks so much for your responses. I was a little naive to leave the authenticity card in the bag, but the Chanel reps were acting a little crazy. I love Chanel so I hope there will be a happy ending.
  10. Wow, I'd be really upset too! :cursing: I do not think you are overreacting, you paid a lot of money for your Chanel. I would definitely ask to speak to a manager and if it wasn't resolved to your satisfaction, continue up the chain.
  11. I always keep the auth card in my bags, even when I carry them. Sure, hindsight is 20/20, we now know it's not a good idea to leave it in there when sending it off for repair or cleaning, but I'd like to know why they were even removed in the first place. They had no right to remove anything from your bag.

    The SA's don't realize the importance of the auth card, we want it in case we may wish to resell the bag, otherwise it's useless. But it makes no difference, they never should have removed it. I would complain to the manager, and go higher up if need be. The least they could do is apologize and offer you something, as a gesture of goodwill. I know I'd be pissed if this happened to me. And I think the SA who accepts the bag needs to be trained to inspect the bag and search all pockets in front to the customer. Sorry this happened, but they really should do something for you.
  12. Complain to the manager, definitely. I can't believe she said to you "you must have an easy life" -- speaking to a customer in that manner will lead to loss of business for them, so it should be important to the manager to know. And they should offer to remedy the situation!

  13. Are you serious??? no apologies and that's what they told you. who the hell are they to be telling you that. I'd complain. Rudeness. If that was me, I'd make sure who ever told me that would not be working for customer service ever again until she/he is properly trained.:angel:

    Speak to a manager. Let see what he/she have to say. *hugs*
  14. That was incredibly rude of them to say to you. But look on the bright side, at least you have the hologram sticker. That to me is way more important than the actual card. People misplace cards all the time.
  15. I always keep my card and documentation in the zip pocket. And if I had to send a bag in for repair, I would automatically assume that info was needed to prove authenticity and the repair person would want to check it. I don't think you did anything wrong. Heck, whenever I have returned a bag to Nordstrom the first thing the s/a does is check to see if the card and hologram match before I am issued a credit.

    The easy life comment should be reported immediately to the s/a's supervisor. That was uncalled for!