Chanel Repair Issue: What Actions Should I Take?

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  1. Hi everyone!...I would love your opinion on a little situation that I am going through.

    Back in May, I dropped off my vintage Beige M/L flap for cleaning/"reglazing" because the back and edges were dirty. I got her back 10 long weeks later, and she was redyed in the exact shade, which I was thrilled about. But, upon careful inspection noticed that the stitching around the corners, edges, and back were very badly frayed. She now looks very messy because the edges are frayed. Even worse, the frayed pieces are dyed over, so the stitching looks very chunky. :cry:

    I spoke with my SA and he sent her back for repair. I got her back last week, and I see very little improvement. He suggested that I speak with the SA that handles repairs to see what can be done. Now, I am waiting for that SA to get back from vacation.

    I get pretty upset every time I look at her, and I've lost all interest in using her now because the stitching is so odd (and I don't want people to think I'm wearing a fake).

    Ideally, I would like to get it fixed, but I don't think it's humanly possible. Has anyone else gone through something similar during a redye process? What would you do?

    Thanks for hearing me out!
    20121008_030554.jpg 20121008_030527.jpg
  2. That looks pretty bad. Sorry to hear your story. I hope you get it worked out.
  3. Oh no... The fraying stitches look pretty awful. Hope you r able to resolve this with the SA concerned. Good luck.
  4. I would talk to the SA and see if there is anything else they can do. At least then you know you tried your best to get it fixed.
  5. So sorry this happened to you, it does look bad, try your hardest to get somebody to fix it for you. Good luck and keep us posted :sad:
  6. Where was this done? Is the SA from a Chanel store or from other store? I'm also waiting for repairs and this doesn't look good at all. I am very sorry, the work looks terrible. I hope Chanel will be able to fix this.
  7. Thats terrible and completely unacceptable. I hope the SA figure its out and remedies the situation. Good luck!
  8. It was done at the Chanel Boutique in Boston. I actually just got back from Chanel, and spoke with their seamstress. She said light colored vintage pieces should NOT be dyed because the leather and stitching are more brittle so when it gets hit with the dye, it will fray. However, time and lotion will help. They are sending it back out for me to get it professionally cleaned and fixed again. We'll see what happens! *fingers crossed*
  9. This is so depressing to see. Sorry it happened to you and your beautiful bag. I hope they can fix it. Good luck !
  10. Hope it works out in the end for you!

    That's a little odd that the seamstress says light colored vintage pieces shouldn't be dyed yet the boutique did it for you'd think they'd consult with an expert first and warn you before sending your bag off for such repairs...

  11. couldn't agree more!
  12. sorry to hear that. I hope everything will be all right when they get back to you. If the same problem still exist, can restitching help? Anway, I do hope it won't come to that. Good luck.
  13. Thanks and please let me know if it improved, one of my repairs is also a beige purse. Good Luck! :smile:
  14. i know, right? ugh, i knew when i first dropped it off i should have waited for my normal SA because i wanted to make sure everything would go smoothly. i was in such a rush, i just dropped it off T_T
  15. i will definitely let you know! i hope your bag turns out well! :smile: