Chanel repair help

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  1. Hi ladies,
    I need some help!
    My lucky charms bag came without 3 charms, and i didnt realize it till i saw some stock pictures! I contacted my local boutique right away and the SA thinks that sending it to france MIGHT do the trick, but that would dependent on whether the charms are available. She feels that it could be available since it's not an vintage bag but i'm somewhat skeptical cause it was only produced for one season, what are the chances of spare charms available?

    I would also have to wait 4-6 months for the repair to be done, and it might not even get repaired if the available parts are not available :sad: I'm contemplating selling the bag to fund another bag so i really dont want to wait 6 months for something that has a very low chance of happening.

    Do any one of you have a similar experience with missing unusual spare parts? Or have a number i could call to try and find out if the repair is possible?
  2. If your purse is the new Valentine, take it back and get a refund -- not a store credit, a refund. If it's an older purse and you love it and want to keep it, send it off with the knowing you may not see it for a very long time. Gee, too many defective bags is clogging up the repair pipeline?

    I'm going thru a similar scenario trying to get a new leather strap installed in the red patent MA. It was supposedly was sent out for repair, but it came back with no repair. Did it really go anywhere? So it's still somewhere, not here and it's week 8 and counting. I asked Tysons and NY if they would call the repair center and make sure they have the red patent available BEFORE I dropped the bag off. Ha, I guess telephones, emails, etc. are not available in their world OR could it be they just don't give a damn?

    As for me, the clock is ticking; although it's not tick-tock I'm hearing but ka-ching in my pocket. Am totally OTT fed up, pissed off . . . Chanel purses should come with a few valiums in the pocket.
  3. Its the 2007 lucky charms bag! and i didnt even realize the missing charms till 2 years later. :P

    The whole missing in action for 3-6 months thing is so unappealing! and you had some kind of verification in advance, still nothing. i am thinking mine would probably come back unrepaired if i sent it off too. le sigh. good luck with your bag! from what i researched, the usual time period is 3-4 months. so maybe you'll get news soon! i think i might just sell mine off and not go through the months and months of waiting.
  4. oh nooo...odd cos ive had great turn around time in my Chanel repairs *fingers crossed* at Chanel Tysons...once my bag came back in under 3-4 weeks since they rushed it for me :smile:

    the longest one took was maybe 6-8 weeks for a complete spa treatment on a vintage bag find...

    come to think of it, i wouldnt know if my lucky charms flap was missing a charm either tho mine looks like there isnt space for anymore...when did you get yours and is yours the large or small, silver or black?