Chanel Reissue

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  1. Ok i need help locating thsi bag!!!
    is it normal that when i ask around in chanel boutiques in london that the SAs know nothing about thia bag? i am like (do you have any gray chanel reissiue bags?) and they are like (reissue? what's that?) :S:S:S
    anyway i need help! either an online store or somewhere i can call or whetever!!!!!!!! maybe ebay

  2. the SA's know it as the anniversary bag. in the us the Chanel store in hawaii had the absolute last one so the sa said.

    i would try a neiman marcus but from what i hear it will be nearly impossible...but you never know. good luck.
  3. Try to call one of Chanel boutiques in US and the SA will try to locate one if one or more store still have the reissue one. Good luck! Last time I got mine about two months ago and there were only two grey large left in the entire US and I bought one. I don't think NM has one either (the grey one)...Maybe in Ebay but I don't know anything about Ebay and I always feel paranoid about it.
  4. There was a black one in NM at King of Prussia, and a black and grey at Saks in Bala Cynwyd, PA...both there a week ago.
  5. You also might want to try looking it up on Ebay. Personalshoppers is a very reputable seller who ONLY sells authentic items. She has some good connections and seems to have a few reissues from time to time for sale. I remember seeing one a couple weeks ago in her online store. Give it a try if you want.
  6. thanks! i will try all what you said :smile: apprecuating you guys more and more each day :smile:
  7. yeah over a month ago (i think?) when i last checked there were probably 6 tops (in all sizes) of the grey in the country...:sad:
  8. hi how is the reissue different from the classic flaps and the jumbos? sorry am not that familiar with chanel bags...just want to start my collection...
  9. in Europe it is referred to as the mademoiselle lock flap!
    The difference lies in the lock and chains!
    The classic flap has got the CC metal lock and leather interwoven chain or the new/bijoux chain
    while the reissues 's got the rectangular lock known as the mad/elle lock and metal chains! There's valuable info in the reference Library subforum!:smile:
  10. check the date guys, this thread is close to 2 years old.
    There's a thread stickied at the top of this very Forum explaining the differences in the flap bags.
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