Chanel reissue problem....??

  1. Hiii,

    I have a 2.55 reissue in the 277 size, black with gold hdw. Ive had it over a year now about...and I noticed from the very beginning there was a slight sinking in part at the bottom of the's almost as if it caves in at the bottom and no matter what I do...I cant seem to get it to just be normally flat. I dont know if this makes sense but the bag looks as if something was placed inside that was too heavy and causes the center to sink in a little causing a crease.

    I dont even carry much in my bag other than my wallet, cell and keys.

    Has anyone else noticed this on their reissue bags? None of my other Chanel classic flap or my patent navy resissue does this...


  2. All of my reissues (excluding the distressed patent) have this folding on the bottom.:yes:
  3. Hi Monica...

    Thanks for the reply heehee...hmm I guess its just something with their reissues...I dont notice my classic flaps doing that but maybe it just has something to do with the leather...

    Do you usually store yours with tissue inside to keep the shape...I tried everything even sitting it on a flat surface and trying to make the folding on the bottom go away and become luck haha
  4. I'm with Smooth, all my leather ones have a slight dip after awhile - maybe because I store a water bottle in my jumbo reissues.
  5. Nah, now I consider it part of the design of the bag - LOL!!! When I store them I just make sure to use the felt pads to keep the chain separate from leather (especially my dark white bag) so as not to stain the leather.
  6. I was just like you when I got my reissue........

    I called my SA and believe it or not, Chanel actually packages and ships the reissues flat as a pancake which obviously creates that crease. Doesn't make sense to me, but......:confused1:

    There are other threads about this being mentioned as well.
  7. It is part of the design...all three of my 2005 reissues came like that.
  8. Yep- I asked also when I purchased mine, and it's part of the design. I thought it was flattened too!
  9. I think it suits the vintage look.

  10. Do you have a pic of the bottom? I have never seen the reissue in person
  11. It's part of the design...I asked the same thing when I was at Bergdorf's the other week, and the lovely SA said that the bottom is meant to sink like that, so it would appear though it were sitting in the bottom of the closet after a long time :smile:
  12. i'd rather my bag have a saggy bottom than me.....:roflmfao:
  13. ^^^ :roflmfao: LOL!!!
  14. ohhh is that the case ladies? i ordered a 2.55 large navy patent reissue already.... i havent gotten hold of it... so i guess wont be surprised if there is any crease on the bottom coz of this thread..hehe, thanks:smile:
  15. a water bottle? thats alot of weight, no?