Chanel Reissue Mini for Pre Fall?

Oct 14, 2008
I heard from SA that beige mini reissue with GHW is coming out for 20K.. does anyone know if it's going to be the same beige as 19A? :amazed:
I wish! I missed out on the goodies from 19A because I took a break from TPF and didn’t even know about their releases until recently. Would’ve really loved to have the red and beige minis.

55939315-5E4C-4C14-92A8-D864A8A34F2B.jpeg Photo credit to LaurenAtSaks

Apparently this is the color of the beige, which does look similar to 19A. I’m hoping to get my hands on it.
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Aug 3, 2011
I happened to be in Las Vegas earlier this week for my birthday and I could not resist when I saw this. Grey is one of my favorite colors. I have wanted a grey bag for a long time and I needed a reissue in my collection. I'm glad it happened to be in the boutique. The SA pulled a fresh one from the back that still had all the stickers on the hardware and had not been opened yet.

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Beautiful bag and You make it look great! Care to share the pice!


Feb 25, 2011
I would like to ask if this mini single flap is now part of regular collection. And do you recommend it over 225 size? Also for the 20k so black is it in chevron pattern? Thank you!