Chanel Reissue Mini for Pre Fall?

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  1. I saw this in a Chanel group on Facebook the other day. A girl said her SA told her about there being a Reissue mini in aged calfskin for prefall!

    Of course I immediately tried to message my SA but I think she left without telling me (maybe i’m too small of a customer?) so I rushed to the nearest store and bugged an SA about it. He literally did not understand me for 5mins despite showing him the above picture. I don’t think they’ve heard about it yet?
    I haven’t seen it discussed here, either. What do you guys think? Is it happening? Is this something we want to jump on? Perhaps with the lack of caviar minis they have to bring out another hardier leather option in the mini size?
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  2. It’s happening according to my SAs and the look-book that I saw :smile:
    I don’t think all the boutiques or department store boutiques received the look-book yet. I think people who are into reissues will want to purchase these.
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  3. I’m so excited! When does it show up in stores?
  4. there’s some discussion on it here! :smile:
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  5. I think June :smile:
  6. I reserved the red one. Will see if it is a true red.
  7. omg, just saw this thread. I'm on the market for a 225 but this cheaper 224 single flap might win me over. I wonder how it'd look cross body / if the chain length is comparable to the 225.

    This isn't exactly classic 'mini' size though? With 224: 20 x 14.5 x 7.5 cm and classic mini being 20 x 13 x 5 cm
  8. I reserved both the black as well as red because I simply cannot make up my mind! Lol

    Black is def a true classic, but I just purchased the classic black mini. Should I diversify and purchase the red? Or just stick with classic black?
  9. Does anyone know if there will be black with silver?
  10. When would this be released? if someone can please let me know..Thanks
  11. I was told by my NM SA that it is for early June delivery. She said it goes crossbody and only in aged gold HW. They are getting green, black, red and beige.
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  12. May I ask what type of leather? Thanks.
  13. Did your SA know if you will be able to wear it double chained as well—shoulder carry too? Or crossbody only?
  14. If this can be worn crossbody, I’m getting one!
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