**Chanel Reissue for mommy HELP ME PLZ!**

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  1. Hello!

    Im new to Chanel, I just wanna ask you all CHANEL experts if you can tell me the sizes of a Chanel Reissue (with a square buckle, not a CC buckle and finer chain) would cost in pounds GBP? Are there 3 sizes?

    I want to get my mom a Chanel Reissue for her birthday but I always feel too intimidated to browse around in the boutique. I heard that these bags are always sold out or reserved for VIP, would I be able to get one in London this summer?

    Most importantly can someone tell me if 1200GBP would be enough for a M sized or L (jumbo)? Mom has already got a small long classic without flap in brown, bought in 2006 summer (she paid around $8990 HKD for it but now I heard it's over $13000HKD?!)

    Will :yes:
  2. check out the thread stickied at the top that's all about Flaps & Reissues:yes:
    Sizes are included.