Chanel Reissue Clutch ... for real or like the unicorn?

  1. Does anyone have info on the reissue clutch? I'd really like the exact one in the picture: distressed lambskin with gold H/W.

    Ideas on price? Availability? Is this a new style, or is it a classic?

    Thanks, from a Chanel novice (!!) ...

    Chanel Reissue Clutch.jpg
  2. oh it's TDF!! :drool: where did you find this pix?
  3. no intel on that for the moment but i guess this is from spring '08? where did you manage to find the pic? ;)
  4. Im not really a fan and Im a reissue fan. It looks like a reissue flap minus the chain strap. Looks a bit awkward to carry.
  5. ditto. plus it looks more like a man's clutch used in the 80s.
  6. i will take this over LV Limelight anytime! My SA haven't hear anything about it, but then again we are always on the slow side of Chanel news.....:p
  7. It's gorgeous. I love distressed lambskin :heart:
  8. your title made me laugh "...or like the unicorn" :lol:

    I think that clutch looks nice, I like the leather on it and the closure.
  9. that is such a cutie
  10. cute :heart:
  11. it's gorgeous, do you know the dimensions by any chances?
  12. Has anyone seen it IRL, styly #, price? I think I want this one, but then- I want a hole lot of things :smile:
  13. I actually don't know ANYTHING about it ... other than the pic I found (on tFS--sorry, I should have credited my photo).

    Has there been a reissue clutch like this in past collections? I'm hooked on the distressed leather with gold HW.
  14. i LIKE it!!!!