Chanel reissue 255 question

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  1. Hi ladies,

    Recently I bought a new reissue 255 size 227 (not from chanel boutique). Everything looks good, I actually compared it side by side with the one in chanel boutique and they looked the same. The only question I have is when you open the lock, from the inside there are 2 screws. The one that I have is somewhat look like a 6 star ( not a phillips though )

    Do you know if that Chanel has that type of screw too?

    Thanks! I've tried to take a picture, but for some reason I couldn't upload it. Sorry. Thanks.
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    If you are trying to verify authenticity, then you need to post pictures of your bag in the "authenticate this Chanel" thread. The ladies who do authentication do a great job.

    Go to the Feedback dropbox and look at the "posting pictures" thread for help on how to post pictures
  4. bagchic1, thanks for the link!
  5. ssc0619, thanks for the info. I will try to post it again there. thanks
  6. I've just purchased my reissues 255 in size 227 also from Chanel Boutique, my authentic card begins with 12xxxxxx, the screws are the 6 stars too. If that of any help :smile:
  7. ^ Yeah I read somewhere that the newer ones do have the 6 star screws. post it on the authenticate this forum to be sure though!
  8. ayshaa...thanks a lot. yeah, my auth card also begin with 124xxxxxxx. see everything looks good except for that screw thingy. I just want to be sure.

    what color is your bag?? Thankssss:biggrin:
  9. Pro shopper..thanks for the info. I did post this on the authenticate this forum too, but I couldn't upload any picture, have tried a dozen of time and kept getting a failed message.

    Thanks! btw, I like the color of your reissue on your profile pics ;)
  10. I've read that the new ones comes with that screw type,
    I would've been suspicious too if I bought it from somewhere else than the Chanel Boutique so I don't blame you :biggrin:

    I have bought the distressed black leather reissues 227 with dark silver hw.
    I will take a picture of it later :biggrin: I am soo happy with her!
  11. ^Thanks! I wanted that reissue forever!

    Your picture might be too large try using or some other site to resize...then save the picture and try to attach it should work!