Chanel ReIssue 226

  1. Can anyone tell me a bit about it.

    What sizes are available??
    are the size relatively close to the caviar flap ??

    Lately I've been intrigued by this bag and I want to just make sure its something I want to purchase (yes I know its been disc...thats why I want to make sure about the aspect of the bag before I go thourgh hell hunting down this bag)....

    Thanks GIRLS!!!
  2. MissV, '226' is the bag's size. It's the medium size in the reissue bag. Check past threads -- there's a whole thread devoted to sizes and numbers (and prices).
    The new colours include burgundy, off-white and antique gold.
    Hope this helps, and hope I didn't miss anything!
  3. I forgot black! The new colours also include a black bag with silver hardware.
    The 2005 colours were grey, white and black.
  4. Yes, the name is technically the reissue 2.55 and 226 is the the size. Depending on which sales associate you talk to it's either a small or medium size. You can usually tell by the price. The 226 retails for $1995 and the 227 for $2,095. There are five sizes.

    The new colors are black, burgundy, bronze, and darkwhite. They all come with a silver chain. HTH.
  5. Smoothoprter - Your post is helpful, informative and appreciated. Thanks. :flowers:
  6. i thought they were only made for 05?? are they just limited each year....?

    Thanks girls!! the info's is much appreciated!!
  7. MissV -- the limited edition ones were made in 05. Those are the ones that have got the limited edition mark inside them. New reissues bags (identical except for this 2005 mark) were issued in 2006, and with new colours.