Chanel reissue 2008 colors

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  1. I'm sorry to post this topic again but I can't find it with search tool. I must be doing something wrong.
    But anyway, is there going to be any colors like metallic black, grey or dark silver like this year? I really want basic colors like black or grey. If any one knows, please help me.
  2. yes this has been posted already. don't worry, the mods will shift this to wherever is appropriate! ;) there will be metallic red, purple, green and possibly navy for upcoming spring. heard the black's coming back too. HTH.
  3. Haha, yeah, I'm sure this will be merged with the other 8329398 threads. :p Actually, metallic black is going to be re-released, and there will also be a pewter reissue (think dark silver without the bronzey undertones). :heart:
  4. ^ LOL minal!
  5. Metallic black for spring? When I call a few Chanel boutiques, one lady told me,I forgot which one, that black will be coming but she wasn't sure for spring or pre fall. I really want metallic black now!!
  6. probably either spring or pre-fall since the pre-fall 2008 runway show in london was recently launched and there was this black reissue bag on the runway.
  7. My SA mentioned a black in calfskin, I suspect this will be the usual regular black.