Chanel Reissue 2.55

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I need your advice. There is this purse on e-bay in the large. I'm thinking it's big for me. I guess a medium would be better for me.

    Do you know if this bag is rare to find? I'm at work right now, and can't really make a lot of phone calls right now.

    Should I just bid on the one on e-bay? I want it in black.

    Any help would be GREAT!
  2. I believe several members of the board had some trouble locating them, as it was either gone in most sizes or completely gone from their own local boutiques. In any case, it's a great buy. Star's collection thread has some pictures of her modelling the large, so maybe you should take a look to see if that size is right for you ?
  3. Stars pictures are exactly why I think it's too large - but then I like big bags, but this one is pretty structured. Star is tiny though....
  4. I kind of like the oversized look, the bag really stands out as classic yet edgy. I guess it really sucks that you can't try it out before buying.. ! :Push:
  5. i think for a bag like that, i'd want the large. just to make a statement.
  6. Agreed, that's why I like the way Star's looks on her. It makes a statement.
  7. Does anyone have a pic? I would love to see it!!!
  8. oh wow! get it! i've bought from her before and she's awesome. very very nice to deal with.

    that's a great bag. i love it in that color.
  9. Thanks Fayden - I do want this bag - but thought it might be better to get from a boutique. But if it's hard to find...I'll just buy from her "personalshoppers". I hate buying on e-bay because of authenticity issues, but everyone here says good things about "personalshoppers" so I'm going to trust all the ladies here. I wish it was a BIN though. I don't want to wait 5 days! :lol:
  10. Neiman Marcus at The Shops of WillowBend in Plano, Texas had a grey large 2.55 and the smaller one in Black yesterday. If you don't win the one on eBay, call that Neimans!
    I preferred the smaller size on me, I'm an average build 5'3".
  11. Thanks so much - this forum is sooooo helpful! But NM dum CC policy! I may have to open one up just to get this bag! :amazed:

    I'm going to call boutiques today!
  12. Star is teeny tiny so her bags look bigger on her than they would on a normal sized person. I think that the bag is a great size!
  13. I bit the bullet! Woo hoooo!!! I found the Reissue or 2.55 Anniversary Bag (that's what the SA's call it) at the SCP boutique. I guess they had 3 today, I got the last one in black. I went with the large size. I think I should have it today or tomorrow! So excited...!!!!