chanel regular intimitable vs. waterproof

  1. i was wondering (for those of you who use chanel intimitable mascara) which one do you think is better, the regular, or the waterproof?

    i'm planning on purchasing this mascara next week and wanted an opinion. thank you!
  2. the waterproof apparently JUST came out - i use the regular, and i'd like to know what folks have to say about the waterproof as well.
  3. I can only wear waterproof so I will try it and let you know.
  4. I don't wear waterproof mascara. I love the original version though.
  5. I only have the regular, but I'm happy with it
  6. Waterproof is the only way my eyelashes stay curled.
    I LOVE Inimitable, but I'll be a Inimitable Waterproof layolist I'm sure.
  7. i just got the waterproof and its amazing...

    although i do like my laura mercier mascara better...but ill still keep this one too ;)