Chanel Refusing to Repair? Say it isn't so!

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  1. I purchased a large quilted Chanel handbag bag with a leather strap a few years ago. A silver grommet (that held one side of a strap in place) came off and the pink lining tore in this spot as well, so, I sent it in (along with original tags, receipt, authenticity card and seal!) for repair. The Neiman Marcus repair center called me MONTHS ago, gave me a quote (from Chanel) to have my bag fixed (approx $160) & even took my credit card number to pay for the repair. To my surprise, today (1/27/10), I just received a call (from Neiman Marcus) that my bag will be shipped back to me UNrepaired...that the manufacturer (Chanel) has deemed my bag "unrepairable " (I'm not as concerned about the lining, but it’s hard to believe a grommet cannot be repaired so I can USE the strap). Vintage Chanel is all over the place...a 3-4 year old Chanel handbag should not become unusable, should it? Any ideas?
  2. sounds terrible : (
  3. Was the damage that extensive? Perhaps they aren't able to repair the lining completely- I doubt they will return it to you with half a repair job and charge you anyway. In that case I could see why they would rather simply return you the bag and 'deem' it unrepairable. Of course, no excuse why that should've taken months. So sorry this happened to you... :sad:
  4. Forget NM. They did the exact same thing with a necklace, a Chanel necklace and they kept it for 4 months, gave me a quote and then called and said we're not fixing it. WTH kind of *** is going on with them.

    Now that that's out of my way, my advice is to take your purse to Chanel boutique. They will send it off for repair. If not, there is one hell of a sandstorm gonna be brewing!!! Just don't give up!!
  5. I would def. take it in to the Chanel store directly...hopefully they will give you better news!!!
  6. Is it a classic bag or seasonal collection? If it's not a classic Chanel might not have the right grommets to fix it and they are not going to replace it with one that is not a prefect match.

    I'm surprised to hear this about NM repairs, I have never had a problem before and the charge has always been inexpensive or free. Saks on the other hand made me pay $30 before they sent it out to find out if it could even be fixed at all, will never use Saks repair service again.
  7. The only hardware that I was told was in very short stock for replacement purposes is the flat CCs for the larger classics; that tidbit came from a conversation with the peeps that do C's repairs. I don't think the grommet replacement will be an issue. The tear, however, means that the interior lining or part of it needs replacing. (Again, take the purse to a C boutique AND do not take the authenticity card, box, dust jacket -- just the purse. They know
    the real from fake, and you don't want to lose the authenticity card.)
  8. So the bag was sent to the Chanel repair department who said it was unrepairable? Wouldn't that mean by taking it to a chanel boutique they'll send it off (to the same repair department?) and that it will come back once again deemed as unrepairable? :wondering
  9. That is horrible that Chanel will not repair your bag. It's didn't even seem that old and people spend quite a large amount of money on these bags especially when you purchase them at the Chanel boutiques or Neimans.
  10. While your logic seems on target, we don't know what repair facility NM uses.. That's why I think the OP should take her purse to the boutique. While I have been told that purses in my geographic region are send to NJ for repair, that's not the case for other areas in the country. At some point, I'm going to take the necklace to the boutique and see what happens. What have I got to lose? The OP has the same nothing to lose by trying a different route.

    Wishing her the best and if this doesn't work for her, she can contact corporate Chanel for help or use another repair entity. There's one in Laguna Beach, CA that was mentioned ages ago on tpf. Factotum, I believe was the name. It was said they do Chanel refurbishing so whether they can help with this repair, I don't know.
  11. Try taking it to a Chanel boutique if there is one near you... if not just send it

    to the NY boutique or a major Chanel boutique for repair.. never heard of anything

    so outlandish... try again.. speak to a boutique manager if necessary
  12. I have used Factotum for my Loubs & a couple of bags.
    They have a few different locations in So CA and they are very meticulous and quite reasonably priced.
    The owner/manager of the LB location is very straightforward & sets very realistic expectations for refurbishment.
  13. All of the repairs go to the same place as far as handbags, including Saks, boutiques, NM, Hirshleifer's, and Bergdorf Goodman, but jewlery and sunnies ect. go somewhere else. Unless for some reason the SA isn't following protocol. The only times Chanel wouldn't repair something is if they don't think it would meet Chanel standards after or didn't have the part. Were the tears in the lining and over all condition pretty bad? If so they may tell you to use the money towards a new purchase instead.