Chanel Reference Library has latest update on Flap prices

  1. Thanks for the update :tup:
  2. You are welcome.
  3. Layla, I'm pretty sure the style number for the XL228 reissue is different now. I'm sure it doesn't end in 228.
  4. I have a question. Is the reissue 226 the same size as classic jumbo?
  5. ^ It's a wee bit smaller than the Jumbo. And the reissue has a double flap, unlike the Jumbo which has a single flap.
  6. How much bigger is 227 from 226? I just bought an reissue... the SA told me its a jumbo size one... i thought its 227... however, the price is the same as 226 posted...
  7. Thanks Layla! This will really help w/ calculating my budget for S/S! Hopefully I can get the baggie I want...
  8. Thanks so much for the update layla!! This reconfirms the fact that I will not be buying again for a looooong while...LOL... ;)
  9. 227 (12 1/2 inches long) will be closer to jumbo size (12 inches) (227 is 1/2 inch bigger)

    226 (11 inches) classic med/lg flap (10 inches)
  10. Thank you! :yes:
  11. that's what i thought for 227... however, the 227 i just purchased is only 2695usd and the SA ensured me its the same size as the jumbo... That's why i got confused... :confused1: