Chanel RED Reissue 08'

  1. I can't believe that this is up for sale on eBay. It looks completely authentic by all of the sellers pictures, and feedback. Quick reply to answer. No reserve, and the bid is at $493.00 as of now. Sounds almost too good to be true.
  2. If you look at the finishing carefully, I think it is a fake.
  3. Everything looks great and all. But the fact that there is no reserve on an "authentic" Chanel, is bull. I mean. Maybe if the starting bid was higher, but it was at 99c. I feel sorry for the person that is going to get ripped off.
    I hate it when people try to scam people like that.
  4. Also, it's not a "reissue" unless it has the double flap, the mademoiselle chain, and the distressed leather.
  5. ^ ITA, yes it is authentic. some have been released in europe and this is coming out for the upcoming spring. if it is a fake, how can they even appear way before the launch of the new spring bags (which doesn't happen for chanel but most prob lv)? also the chain is a new chain released for s/s.
  6. Here is a quote from the seller of this bag:
  7. this is so pretty
  8. no opinion on the authentic part since i am not an expert. i just love the color. kinda been bitten by the red bug lately.........
  9. Isn't the seller a member here? I think I remember she posted to say that bag is authentic. Didn't the members here conclude it was real?

    Either way, the color is GORGEOUS :drool:.
  10. i love the bag. it's gorgeous, and if i wouldn't have just bought a Chanel, I would have placed a bid on this myself! Oh, and props to the seller for speaking up! :yes: