Chanel Red LAX

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  1. So I've read a few thread on why people don't like this bag. I've just bought this bag from Saks for ~$550(orig. $2650) and I want to know the reason why people hate/love it, so I can decide whether I should keep it or not. Oh, and it's my first Chanel :smile:Thanks!
  2. model your bag.. :tup:
  3. I haven't gotten the bag yet because I'm doing charge-send but it should be here by next Wednesday and I'll post modeling pic :smile:
  4. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  5. $550? keep it =]
  6. I like the LAX ligne and the LAX red is a stunning color. And only $550?! Keep it! :tup:
  7. if you like it, then keep it -- yours is really the only opinion that matters. i wouldn't wear a bag i didn't like whether it cost $50 or $5000.
  8. I have the Blue LAX large camera bag (in my avatar) and I just bought it in black! I LOVE it and would rather carry this bag than a GST anyday!

    You have to like the bag, so wait till it comes and see how you like it, on you! For only $550, I'd certainly keep it!
  9. I like the bag, but its very simple. good find but if you decide against it, please consider me for it! ;)
  10. The leather on the LAX is wonderful!
    Congratulations, the RED is stunning.
    The price is crazy - carry it, if for some reason you don't like it, should be easy to sell!