Chanel red lambskin classic flap bag :)

  1. Sooo, I am 99% sure I will be buying this from a fellow TPF member this weekend :smile:

    She was waiting for the jumbo size but got the medium lambskin from Nordies.

    Ive been torn over the red because I havent seen it in person and was worried it would be too dark like bordering bordeaux or burgundy or having a purple-ish hue to it.

    I really wanted lambskin since most all my bags are caviar:

    This is what I have thus far--that i can remember off the top of my head:

    1. Silver bowler
    2. black cerf tote
    3. pink patent camelia design evening bag
    4. medium classic flap in black caviar with gold hdw
    5. navy patent reissue with gold hdw
    6. black reissue with gold hdw
    7. black lady braid flap bag
    8. black caviar timeless clutch
    9. red diamond shine flap bag

    Saks has me on th waitlist for the red caviar medium but would you girls go for the red lambskin? I just cant return it tho if I dont like the red...
  2. I've only seen photos of the red and it looks gorgeous. I don't think it will be as dark as the bordeaux caviar I saw last fall. I'm actually waiting for the jumbo red caviar because I want something more durable. I have seen a couple of posts from tPFers who bought the lambskin. Maybe they can offer some color advice. I hope you get it!
  3. The color is gorgeous. I'm really looking forward to seeing it in Jumbo.:smile:
  4. Has anyone seen it in caviar?
  5. ooohhh... red is such a hot color right now!!!
  6. i have red lambskin, it goes well with most look and colours of clothes, versatiles ... not as many afraid of ... so if u want something outstanding, go for it
  7. i'd say go for it! red is such a nice and upbeat color
  8. Go for it-Any bag is red would be wonderful
  9. I would go for it, definately!
  10. Go for it! In pictures (even if it's not a good way to tell), it doesn't look too dark.