Chanel red handbag...your thoughts?

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  1. What do you guys think about this bag? Is this an older model? Does anyone has this exact bag? How are the shoulder straps? Is it adjustable? What do you think would be a good wear for this? Jeans, formal parties? And finally, what do you like and not like about this? Honest opinions please :yes:

    I am thinking of getting this or the red LV Lexington, but I feel like I'll have more use with this in terms of looks and functionality...let me know your thoughts.

    Thanks all.

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  2. hmm....i know i'm going against my deep love for chanel but what about a red vuitton epi bag? the honfleurs, pochette or demi-lune make really nice evening and casual bags and i love the shade of red.
  3. You asked for honest opinions....this bag looks "old" to me. I love the LV Lexington and it has a youthful look to it, being it is so small I'm not sure how functional it would be. I would keep looking if I were you. I also want a red bag, but nothing in red appeals to me now.
  4. Agree, I think I am more attracted to the price versus the bag...why oh why can't Chanel bag be a little cheaper :crybaby:, lol.
  5. I think that it's okay but agree with the other posters that it looks a little dated ... maybe another style that's more classic (like a classic flap) or a modern style.
  6. Same opinion here! IMO go for the LV! :yes:
  7. i agree with others... it has a bit too much of a "mature" look. i'd either hold out for a red e/w or classic flap.
    or, in terms of functionality, the lexington is a pochette so it is limited in size. there are tons of fab red epi bags out there. i have the soufflot and love it. i get tons of compliments whenever i wear mine out.
  8. Not loving this bag...the shape is very "old"...and the colour is not the most attractive shade of red...

    You'll find a Chanel in your price range...just be about something from the Cambon line?
  9. This bag looks very very "old", not liking it at all. Chanel usually releases one or two pieces of red bags each year. I think you should be patient and wait. I am also waiting for that perfect chanel red bag too!
  10. Not quite the right bag for red. I really like the LV speedy in red epi though.
  11. honestly, i am not likeng the style either. If you really want a red Chanel, i'd wait for something from the spring line. i think someone mentioned there might be a 2.55 or was it a e/w bag in the lipstick red color for the spring.
  12. I dont love it
  13. i'm not into it...however, have you looked around on ebay? i sold my red jumbo with gold chains which i bought new at chanel on ebay for around $600-$700. which is reeeaaallly good....for the buyer that is! my bag was the same bag that the olsen twin is carrying around, excpet hers has silver hardware.

    if u buy from ebay make sure the seller is reputable!!!! good luck!
  14. This bag looks "old made" to me, sorry, but I don't really like this Chanel.
  15. I like the bag... it's classic & it's chanel! I collect old lines of chanel myself and really enjoy having them. If the size is right for you then keep it. I wear my chanels on any occassions.