Chanel Red Caviar Jumbo question?

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  1. After seeing everyone's red caviar jumbo's with the new chain, I really want one. Trouble is I'm currently really wanting a Black GST too, so I thought I'd wait a few months for the Jumbo. Does anyone know if this colour and style are classic?? I'm trying to limit my chanel bag purchases to one per season, so do you think I'll be able to find my flap in a few months time??
  2. Hi I am not sure but I would say if you can find the red get that one first because I know they always do black good luck xS
  3. Red and Jumbo are difficult combinations to get hold of, I agree with SkyeBlue.

    Rock the Red!
  4. as a red owner- get one !!!
    its a fab bag.
  5. get the red first then the GST.
  6. I'd definitely get the Red Jumbo first before the GST.
  7. I vote RED!
  8. I also think you should get the red Jumbo first (it's a gorgeous bag - I love mine!), because it will likely be more difficult to find than the GST (which is always around). :smile:
  9. I saw that bag on eBay........what a beauty!!!!!! I'm sure you'll love it!!!
  10. modelling pictures please
  11. Just won it today, Will post pics as soon as it arrives. I hope that it is as great as everyone elses.
  12. Congrats on the red bag - lucky you. :smile: I think I might like a red with new chain as well but I want red lambskin....on my list...the list seems to be growing and growing...LOL.:rolleyes:

    Enjoy your bag!!
  13. Are they still making red jumbo flaps? I really want one too... Did they stop making it? =(
  14. Do they have the red classic every season? I was looking for one and I went into the Chanel boutique in London and they said they getting any for the fall since they already got them this season. They SAs are also very unreliable here. I don't mind the size but I really want a red classic.