Chanel Rectifiance Intense Eye Cream

  1. Hi

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience with Chanel's Rectifiance Intense Eye Cream? I'm looking for something to decrease dark circles and puffiness (and don't suggest "more sleep!" :smile: ).

    Any suggestions?


  2. WOW- this is my FAVE!!!!!! I use the eye cream under the rectifaince day cream..and darn..I look soooo much better!
  3. Hi there - I work for a cosmetics company and can hopefully help you a little bit, AND, when I was in university, I used to work with all kinds of different lines.

    I have never tried the Chanel, but if Jill says it works, then go for it.

    The positive experience I've had with eye creams that do what you are looking for are these:
    -Reti C Eye by La Roche Posay - cosmoceutical line, VERY good and reasonably priced
    -Vichy has a vitamin C one that is amazing
    -I don't think Neo Strata is available over the counter in the U.S., but if you can get it, it's another cosmoceutical that does a great job, it's in a capsule and it's vitamin C
    -you can probably see the pattern here - vitamin C is the key... I got my nose done over a year ago and took vitamin C to help with the bruising, and it worked - my bruising was gone in a week. Dark circles are a discoloration, so anything with Vitamin C in it will help with that.

    Good luck!
  4. Funny you asked! I just switched from Chanel eye correction to the Chanel rectifiance intense eye cream. I really like it but I think to combat dark circles and puffiness, you have to use it in conjunction with the Chanel eye age delay.
  5. ^it also works as a great base for undereye concealer..I have MAJOR dark circles...and NOBODY KNOWS IT! .......LOL!
  6. Great info! :smile:

    I thought Vitamin K is for bruising and discoloration, while Vitamin C is an antioxidant which can be beneficial for the antiaging process?!
  7. Thank you all so much for your in-depth replies! I just bought the Rectifiance, so I'm going to give that a try. I got it at Sephora so if I don't like it I can always return...

    Thanks again!!!

  8. I don't think you should return something you have used.

    I hope it's useful though. Estee Lauder has a great range of under eye circle treatments aswell.
  9. Generally I agree with you, but Sephora encourages you to return anything you're not 100% satisfied with. Whenever I'm on the fence about buying something they always tell me, "You can always return it if you find you don't like it!"

  10. I just bought it and LOVE it! It's not as gel-y as other eye creams that I tried but more creamy, which I love! It does a great job moisturizing but I'm not so sure about dark circles...
  11. I have it and love it.