Chanel Rectangular Mini Versus Diana Flap Bag (Small or Med)

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  1. Hi, everyone.
    I was thinking about purchasing the Diana flap bag or the mini both in black, and I'm thinking I would purchase the Diana in gold as it is the only available option. I'm thinking about purchasing a mini (rectangular or square) in silver hardware.

    Which one do you think I should go with? I'm leaning towards Diana because I think I like this 90s style and I was born in that era.

    Both would have to be preloved.

    What do you guys think? I'm actually really conflicted because I feel like the mini is trendier, yet I think a part of me wants a different style. I already own a jumbo. This would have to be my very last chanel, and I'm looking for one that I can take to a black tie event or small bags for travel and versatility.

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  2. I like the diana flap, It's more unique when you carry it out.
  3. I am hoping to find it in a slightly bigger size than the mini but still appropriate for formal dinners. And in Caviar with no corner scuffs / damage.
  4. I love the square mini. You can't go wrong with either one though.
  5. I like the look of the diana flap; it's so elegant
  6. Diana flap. It's more unique and timeless. Square Minis may end up looking too Hello Kitty years down the road.
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  7. I love both!
    But I think the Diana is more functional and more elegant looking.
    The square can be both edgy and formal depending on your outfit.
    Tough choice I say :P

    If you can only get one, I would go for the Diana.
    good luck!
  8. love the diana - classic and timeless.
  9. diana flap looks so dated to me - but apparently most people don't share that opinion!

    I love my rectangle mini and can fit almost as much in it as my m/l flap. I think a black one could be used as an evening bag but would definitely work best as a casual bag worn cross body for travel or errands IMO.
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  10. I actually owned both bags within the last 3 months (I think my posts are a few pages back in "the Vintage Thread"). I have some more comparison photos on my phone as well, if needed. My mini square was a 3 series so the shape was slightly different from the newer one you have pictured (which I think is a bit wider from front to back).

    I initially bought the square mini b/c I knew it was a classic. After getting it, I tried to talk myself into thinking it was big enough for me needs, which it just wasn't.

    If you are wanting to take the bag to black tie events, I would say the square mini is more dressy than the diana flap, but for any other purpose, I would ALWAYS say the Diana over the mini square.

    I ended up returning the mini square and getting the Diana and I absolutely love it. I agree with you that it gives off a great retro style while still being edgy. I just got back from NYC and used the Diana. It was perfect for holding my essentials (which includes some medical supplies), a card holder, sunglasses, external charger, kleenex, keys, and phone. The mini would NOT have worked for traveling, at least for me. I hope that helps!!
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  11. I have had both and I much prefer the mini in caviar for the durability. I loved the square mini but the strap was too short. The strap on the Diana flap was longer but still not long enough for cross-body on me at 5'5.

    I now have the Chanel Coco Shine Flap in the small size which is very much like the rectangular mini. The long chain and the option to adjust the strap to be doubled makes it my favorite bag yet, and it's perfect for cross body and fits plenty.
  12. Was going to post the same thing. I like the Diana but personally would only buy it vintage instead of the brand new versions that came out. It's classic but does look dated to me, so I couldn't pay full price for a newer version.

    I love my square mini although I'm not sure how functional it will be years down the road when I have kids. I think it works for every age but I'm so used to seeing it on younger women. Hopefully I won't care about that by then. ;p
  13. I have a rectangular mini and love it--it's one of my favorite Chanel bags. I like that the chain is long enough for cross body use--that is really important to me. I'm 5'4" for reference. Good luck!
  14. Thanks for all your replies. If you guys have any pictures / modelling pics you'd like to share or have links to it, that would be so cool.

    The one thing I do think is that the Diana vintage flaps in small / caviar probably won't increase in price while I can see the mini increasing in price as boutique prices increase.

    I guess I'll see which one comes first.

    Both in caviar and relatively small bags with an authenticity card. I don't mind taking dated bags as I think they have a certain history that I like (I guess I am a big 90s kid, so I would totally be up for owning something in that time period in high end fashion.)

  15. I have decided that I will not use this for a black tie event, since I have a fancy Kate Spade chocolate clutch bag that is small and dainty.