Chanel Rectangular Mini or Lv Capucines BB

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  1. In a major dilema right now.. Should i go for a louis vuitton capucines bb in galet colour or wait for chanel rectangular mini in August? :confused1: Price for the rectangular mini is $4700ish in AUD and for the Capucines bb its $5600 AUD both are beautiful bags but hard to choose:panic:
  2. Rectangle mini for sure. They are seasonal and so hard to find.
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  3. Rect nini
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  4. Thank you ☺️
  5. Thank you☺️
  6. I have 2, a caviar 14C red and a turquoise lambstkin & :heart: both.
    They can be worn single strapped and crossbody which is a definite plus and they hold
    almost as much as my M/L.
    Needless to say I vote the rectangular mini. :biggrin:
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  7. Photo of the lv bag?
  8. RECT MINI!!!! ALL THE WAY!!!!
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  9. Rectangular mini gets my vote.
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  10. Rectangular mini!!!! It's cute and practical. I am able to fit my sunglasses, lipstick, cc holder, coin purse, car keys, house keys and my iPhone 6.
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  11. mini, mini, mini :smile:
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  12. I vote for the Capucines, probably because I'm lusting for one. But what do you plan to carry in your bag?
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  13. capucines bb if you can take the weight.
    capucines bb if you already have other chanel flaps
    capucines bb if you want an iconic bag.

    instead of the chanel mini get your classic flaps first.

    but really, one is quite formal and mature, the other is casual. what look are you going for?
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  14. Capucines, definitely. There will always be minis, and I think the price is high.
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  15. I vote capucines bb.. it holds way more than a mini and with the long strap it doesn't get too heavy. I might be bias as I just got my bb in galet and adore her. The leather is amazing
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