Chanel Rectangular Mini Caviar vs. Lambskin investment value

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  1. Can anyone please explain whether the caviar or lamskin rectangular mini is better investment? The minis are no longer going to be made in caviar so I'll have to dig for the caviar :sad:Thank you!
  2. Not sure where you get the news that mini will no longer to be in caviar? While they are hard to come by but they are still available, I was offered a black caviar mini in ghw by my SA late last year.

    I think the difference for lamb and caviar is the colour saturation. For some mini needs to be a pop of colour which lamb skin brings out those colour better.

    For me, mini need to be carefree so caviar is a better option for me, but I have a classic medium lamb which I use for dinners.

    While there is the concept Chanel retains value, but rather than looking at investment value of a bag, buy something you love and will use. If you get tired of it and wish to flip it, it's more of a bonus to get something back out of it..