Chanel Receipt 3131 Las Vegas Blvd

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  1. Hello!

    Does anyone have a copy of their Chanel receipt from a purchase at the Boutique in Vegas 3131 Las Vegas Blvd?

    I have a sinking feeling someone sold me a fake Executive Tote, b/c the receipt doesn't seem to look right? Can some one post one so I can compare?

    I hope this was ok to post here....TIA

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  2. Receipts can be faked, never go by a receipt. The only way to help you is to authenticate the BAG. Post pictures in the Authenticate this thread, using the directions in post #1. Good luck!
  3. Thanks....I've posted there as well.....although I think the authenticator only authenticates live auctions, so I dont think I'll get an answer on that...this was a private sale
  4. You should use eticeler's authentication service... They can authenticate for a small fee... That would give you a peace of mind... I've used their service... It's easy and quick.
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    chasing my rainbow!
  6. The address belongs to Chanel at Wynn which I can check when I get home.

    But all USA receipt from a boutique looks the same to me.

    Quality aside, it does looks the same. I cannot vouch for it though.
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  8. My receipt looks the same...right below Qty: 1, there should be a reference no. this number is the number printed on the hologram sticker inside the bag which is also the same number on the authenticity card. I hope this helped.
  9. Hello, good evening! Does anyone purchased chanel Bag in LV Encore 3121 Las Vegas Blvd?if possible show it, I greatly appreciate it.
  10. Hi welcome to TPF

    I saw you already posted the bag in authentication thread! We don't discuss authentic details here individually and receipts can't really prove the authenticity of bags.

    You can have authentic bags with fake receipts or vice versa so I'd recommend you get the bag authenticated before buying.
  11. I have made multiple purchases from that same exact store (purchase in store and shipped from that store), and my receipt looks just like the one you posted. What made you think your bag/receipt is not authentic?
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