chanel random acts of kindness?

  1. I noticed they are doing this in some of the other forums. Would anybody be interested in doing it in here? (I kind of think it would be fun.)
  2. What is it? Sorry, I tend to be stuck here and not much on the other forums.
  3. Yeah, I am curious too.
  4. hum interesting? what is it?
  5. Well, from what I understand, someone compiles all the people who want to participate, and then distributes people's addresses (with their real name, or their user name and their mailing address) to other participants

    they send 2 small gifts and one bigger gift over the course of a few months, it's all kept kind of secret...

    price limit can be anything from $20 to $125 in the gucci forum, etc

    and then there's an ongoing thread where people show what they received...

    I haven't ever participated in one, so I would be anxious to hear what other people's experiences were/if they think its a good idea; would have suggestions, etc.
  6. Can you post a link? I'd like to see this in action.
  7. I saw this thread in Hermes', I would love to be a part of this it sounds so fun!!!
  8. I can let you know we are having fun in the LV one (I did not partipate in Coach or Hermes). Someone actually brought it up in the Gucci forum and I kinda got 'nominated' to try to lead it. I am hoping it takes off there because it would be alot of fun. We'll see what happens though!
  9. i love this idea! but, can we change the price limit to around $3,000? (hint: to accommodate price of a Chanel purse gift :yahoo: )
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: we should drag our DHs into this~
    BTW,Purse-onality: I tried your DH's "Low Cal" Fried Chicken tonight, they rock! My DH's comment: They look exactly like the ordered FCs. Thanks for sharing the recipe again! :flowers: And, I succesfully made my DH cook them. Anyway, the name is DH' Low Cal fried chicken~ haa haa haa haa~~~
  11. Blew,
    How do you decide who is in charge and how do you organize it?
  12. Oh Joyfish! i am delighted you tried it and you and your DH like it! that is so cool!!!! I have had it for the past 3 nights in a row! wasnt the crust TDF? My DH's name is Chuck, so actually the recipe should be called DH's Fried Chucken"

  13. nod nod nod~~!!! :happydance: The crust is the most delicious part to me,hahaha~~ I surely have got myself and my DH addicted to it! Plan to show off this recipe at my friend's party this Saturday. Please forgive me that I plan to hide the fact that I got it from you:blush:

    You had it for 3 nights in a row?? I am afraid I am gonna break that record in no time..... The new name for the Chucken is sooo funny!:lol:

    Say Hi to Chuck! You are so lucky to have him!
  14. there is a LV forum i had no idea i just joined this one today the only time i have moved was to feed my kids 3 meals and 2 snacks and to put them to bed i have been on all day