Chanel Random Acts of Kindness, Spring '07

  1. ***Note: Mod, please make this a Sticky!***

    Random Acts of Kindness: Spring 2007

    Participants will be randomly assigned to a fellow purse forum member. They will send small gifts to their assigned person throughout the spring (March-May) through the postal mail. Ideas for gifts include (but are by no means limited to): Cards, Candy or Other Goodies, Trinkets, Magazines, Books, Cosmetics, etc. The point here is to try to brighten up your person's day!

    In accordance with the results of the poll posted in the chanel main forum, participants should expect to spend between $25-$50 on their assigned person over the course of the spring. If you are moved to spend more than $25-$50, no one will stop you from doing so, but don't expect to receive gifts that add up to a greater total value than $25-$50. Acts of Kindness are by all means encouraged, but we don't want to make anyone feel uncomfortable, or have anyone spend a lot on their person and have hurt feelings because the monetary generosity was not reciprocated.

    This activity is for active TPF members who post in the Chanel Forums regularly. Participants are expected to send ONE or MORE gifts to their assigned buddies over the next 3 months (March-May 2007). You may reveal your identity to them at any time in a private message, at the beginning or at the end. (In my opinion, it is better to have private reveals than public reveals because, again, it will keep people who only spend $25 from feeling uncomfortable in the public forum around those who spend more).

    You will be expected to post pictures and/or descriptions of gifts you receive from your buddy for the enjoyment of other participants on this thread.

    Participants from any country may enter. You will be matched up with a buddy who agrees to send mail to your region. If no one is willing to ship to your region, you might not be able to participate.


    PM me (lovey) with the following information:

    1. Your e-mail and postal mail addresses
    2. Your name -- If you do not feel comfortable sending your full name, you can just use your tPF call name (if mail can be delivered this way) or your initials (ex. Jane D. or J. Doe).

    *** Please rest assured that I will not distribute your information to anyone except for your buddy and I will discard the information you send me after I match you up.***

    3. Your favorite color
    4. Your favorite treat
    5. Your favorite bags
    6. What you do (if you feel comfortable sharing)
    7. Any hobbies you may have...
    8. Your preference for the region your buddy lives in -- for example, USA only, UK only, Canada only, N. America only, Asia or Europe, etc.

    *** Please keep in mind postal costs if you are thinking of sending large gifts. If you have no preference, and would send to any buddy worldwide, specify International OK.***

    All entries must be received by Sunday, March 11 to participate!

    I will e-mail you the information for your buddy by March 12.
  2. Question - What happens at the end of the March-May period? Will the RAOK continue into summer with reassignments of buddies?
  3. So this is a three month process rather than a one-time exchange, which each gift sent worth $25-$50 individually?
  4. Three gifts, a collective amount of $25-$50 (as per the poll results), with the option of spending more if the person individually desires to do so.

    I don't see why it ever has to stop? The number of reassignments in the months/seasons to come are limitless.
  5. How exciting! This is going to be so much fun!
  6. Lovey, thanks so much for organizing this!! I'm so excited!
  7. I am also excited, PMed you my info. Thanks for putting this together, sounds like so much fun.
  8. I would like to participate but I am unsure what constitutes an active member. I know on other board in which I am a member you have to have a minimum number of posts.
  9. Thank Lovey !!!! IT's so great that you are organizing this !!!!!
  10. Thanks Lovey for organizing!! How FUN!!! :nuts: :yahoo:
  11. Lovey-this is going to be great!! I will PM you with my info now...
  12. this is great.... however, how do you define active member tho?
  13. Thanks for holding this up for us! I just pm'ed you my info as well! Thank you~
  14. Thanks for doing this Lovey!!
    Its going to be much fun!!
  15. this a cute and fun gonna PM my info now!!!