Chanel Quilted Clutch

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    I want the purse that rachel is holding in black and i was wondering can anyone tell me the price and whether it is still in stores


  2. In black caviar the price was around $900 BEFORE the price increase. I do not know what it is now.
  3. It's $895 for the black caviar timeless clutch and did not go up after the price increase! :yes: They're all sold out, but NM is taking pre-orders right now...

    The white caviar timeless clutch went up to $995 btw... :sad:
  4. The Chicago Chanel has them in stock. I'm not sure what colors, but at least one is always on the shelf, and there was definitely at least one available as of last week. Ask for Megan Bundi, she's my SA and is a great gal. Tell her Annie sent you.
  5. I wish I would have picked this one up pre-increase. :sad:

    Nice bag.
  6. This bag is so cute. I bought one right before xmas- I ended up having to get mine off of eBay for $1050. I figured after tax it was only about a $100 more, so I could live with it, and I am so inpatient and when I want something...I want something. :p

    But its totally worth the 900, the leather is so soft, and it actually holds quite a bit and is really cute. The black has a maroon leather lining.

    I was on a wait list for a couple months, and never got one. Hopefully you can find one! its totally worth it.
  7. I have my name in for a patent one. I want it bad! Soo cute!
  8. does anyone know if rachel bilson's clutch is lambskin or caviar? i want one sooo badly, but it just seems so impractical for me at the moment and they are soo hard to find! chanel 1800 said that they are sold out and for quite some time apparently.
  9. The black Timeless Clutch is listed at $995 in the lookbook that I was just sent from Bergdorf. So I think it did go up in the price hike.
  10. I thought I saw this clutch in the Elle magazine...very nice.
  11. I am IN LOVE with this clutch!!! I NEED one!!! LOL!!!

    Is Elle holding the same one but in black?


  12. I think Elle is holding the Mademoiselle clutch from a few seasons ago. Maybe someone else can confirm.
  13. It's a great piece - I don't have one, but it's on my list . . . :yes:
  14. Yeah, ITA from mademoiselle ligne.:yes:
  15. I'm also on the waist list for this one.