Chanel quilted bag

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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am writing to solicit everyone's input about Chanel classic quilted bag. ( you know which one i am talking about? The rectangle squarish type that has quilted style... ha ha I dont know the actual name for that bag... :lol: )
    My sistah bought a chanel quilted bag from ebay and i am trying to find out from anyone who owns a chanel, what does she need to look out for? The bag comes with authenticity card, but there is missing the hologram sticker.. :suspiciou

    The seller on ebay is called "dudeiloveyou" and she seems to have a good authentic stuff...

    I dont own a chanel and never like their design. So any input will be greatly appreciated..

    Thank you :love:
  2. Dudeiloveyou is an absolutely trustworthy seller (she even has her own guide to authenticating online balenciaga), so i wouldn't worry too much. :smile:
  3. Everything seems good, except that she is missing the authenticity sticker on the bag... :suspiciou
  4. Sometimes the stickers in the bag do come off though, but I've heard that dudeiloveyou is legit, so I wouldn't worry too much. Then again, for that full peace of mind, I hope that there's a Chanel boutique close by for you to bring it in to !
  5. i love it-- its so classic!
  6. Do any of you know if the quilted Chanel Kelly Bag ever came in a blue, pink or green color? It seems impossible to find what other colors they came in....all I can find is ebay auctions w/them....where else can I obtain one?

    PS If you could post pictures/links that'd be wonderful! Thanks so much!
  7. From my experiance in buying bags, real bags do not come with an authenticity card. When I've purchased LV or Gucci bags from Gucci and LV stores as well as department stores, they do not come with proof of authenticity.

    The only time I've seen an "authenticity card" is when a friend's boyfriend bought her a fake LV. We could tell the bag was fake from the non-leather straps.

    Good luck!
  8. Chanel bags always come with authenticity cards. Each bag has it's own authenticity card and serial number that is unique to that bag.

    There are some numbers that are commonly repeated. Why don't you post the bag that u want in the authenticate this sticky and i'm sure monica, michelle or one of the experts would be glad to help you take a look at it!
  9. this is old and the person who bumped it up is clearly not familiar enough w/ Chanel to give advice.
    I'm closing this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.