Chanel Questionnaire

  1. I'm curious:
    1) First Chanel bag
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme
    3) Your favorite Chanel
    4) Next Chanel purchase
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag

    Thank you! I borrowed this from an H thread that has been open for years.
    I hope you will some inspiration on this thread!
  2. So, I will start!

    1) First Chanel bag - M/L in Black Lambskin with GHW
    2) Favorite Season/Year/Theme - The Introduction of the Boy Bag
    3) Your favorite Chanel - So Black Chevron Jumbo!
    4) Next Chanel purchase - 227 Reissue in a fun color aka not Black
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag - Exotic Jumbo
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  3. Great thread. Here are my answers

    1) First Chanel bag - black caviar elastic band hobo in medium - sold it long time ago
    2) I do not have a favorite season, I go by individual pieces
    3) Favorite Chanel piece - 15C pearly caviar M/L in charcoal with RHW. Very close second favorite is a 16C small iridescent goatskin boy with rainbow HW.
    4) Next Chanel purchase - I really don't know; I will know once I see something that will make me fall in love
    5) Chanel dream bag - I am still biting my elbows for not getting a 15C pearly caviar M/L in white. I keep checking the second hand market, but so far no luck.
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  4. I'm happy to answer

    1) First Chanel bag : Easy Caviar in Iridescent Purple (already sold it thou)
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme : no favorite
    3) Your favorite Chanel : M/L black lambskin GHW
    4) Next Chanel purchase : something in chevron, I kinda like the pattern
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag : the perfect burgundy in GHW in mini/medium
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  5. 1) First Chanel bag: Vintage Vertical Stripe Jumbo in Lambskin with GHW
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme: no favourite
    3) Your favorite Chanel: 19 series Chanel Mini in patent red SHW
    4) Next Chanel purchase: either another mini or a M/L beige caviar SHW
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag: M/L black chevron caviar with GHW
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  6. What a great thread!

    1) First bag -reissue with ruthenium hardware. I loved it then and I love it now.
    2) my favourite theme is the SO black theme. I can't get enough of it.
    3) my favourite Chanel is my large SO black crumpled calfskin reissue. It's understated, roomy and practical.
    4) Next purchase = a pink preloved Coco handle
    5) Secret dream bag - kendie's neutral coloured chevron reissue!
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  7. 1) First Chanel bag: Medium classic flap in black caviar with shw
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme: no favorite, every season has beautiful colours/bags that catch my eye
    3) Your favorite Chanel: the first one I got, the black caviar medium... it's very special to me
    4) Next Chanel purchase: WOC or Mini in beige
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag: -
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  8. 1) First Chanel bag: Chanel Expandable Zip Around Quilted Caviar Leather Tote
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme: no favorite
    3) Your favorite Chanel: Chevron So Black Double Flap Jumbo Classic and Medium Coco Handle
    4) Next Chanel purchase: Always on the hunt for a great jumbo or maxi in gray caviar
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag: Soooooo many but pearly beige jumbo
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  9. 1) First Chanel bag Jumbo lambskin in Navy
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme Dallas and Dubai collections (unfortunately i dont own any items)
    3) Your favorite Chanel Mini so black calf (SS17)
    4) Next Chanel purchase mini reissue GHW
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag M/L either in dark beige or black caviar and GHW
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  10. 1) First Chanel bag : a vintage pearl white evening flap
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme : 17-series reds and the Paris-Dallas collection
    3) Your favorite Chanel : my vintage kelly bag in black lamb and shw
    4) Next Chanel purchase : a CWC, maybe
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag : a trendy cc in black
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  11. 1) First Chanel bag - Black Caviar Jumbo Flap SHW - Single Flap purchased at Hirshleifers, January 2009
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme - Paris Moscow (Meiters d'art 2009)
    3) Your favorite Chanel - Probably my Reissue 227 Black aged calf GHW
    4) Next Chanel purchase - Navy Caviar Mini (hopefully Fall Act I)
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag - Not sure. Probably something blingy that I wouldn't normally buy. LOL.
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  12. 1) First Chanel bag: m/l black caviar GHW
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme: None
    3) Your favorite Chanel: Black reissue 227 with RHW
    4) Next Chanel purchase: Caviar rectangular mini with SHW
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag: Bleu Roi caviar jumbo single flap
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  13. 1) First Chanel bag: Black lambskin Camellia WOC with SHW (2010)
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme: Don't have a favorite season/year, BUT I LOVE EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING CAMELLIA!!!
    3) Your favorite Chanel: Probably the turquoise caviar rectangular mini with LGHW from 17C
    4) Next Chanel purchase: I want another rectangular mini!!!
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag: Beige Claire caviar small flap with GHW
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  14. 1) First Chanel bag: m/l flap in metallic grey
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme: i love metallics. So far all the metallic range has blown me away except the recent iridiscent range witg rhw.
    3) Your favorite Chanel: very tough. All my bags serve a different purpose. I don't like buying the same style of bag in different colour
    4) Next Chanel purchase: none on the list yet. Awaiting intel on the new collection.
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag: the 2013 so black jumbo

    Hmm...actually i am leaning towards LV now as they come up with new and lovely designs for their bags...uh oh
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  15. 1) First Chanel bag - Grey distressed calf reissue camera bag rhw
    2) Your Favorite Season/Year/Theme - So black pieces. Also, 10C and 14b season had some of my favorite colors and releases
    3) Your favorite Chanel - Tough one, either 16A so black distressed calf chevron reissue, anniversary black 226 ghw, or anniversary grey 226 rhw. My favorite styles are reissue flaps and WOCs.
    4) Next Chanel purchase - A chevron Coco Handle if it is released.
    5) Secret Chanel dream bag - Don't really have one. Seems like I am always hunting for an older release, however. I would love to find 14b light grey and taupe rectangular minis. And I think I would like to add the perfect white boy bag
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