CHANEL question

  1. I'm full of questions tonight to appears....

    I'm dying to get a hold of one of those Chanel necklace/belts
    I know there are several that come out each season, but of course I don't want to pay an arm and a leg for one.
    I want an authentic piece, but where should I go to get it at a discounted price??
    I'm weary of bluefly lately so I'm going to pass on them, but do you gals know of any other place to go ??
  2. I want one so bad too!
    Have been searching everywhere since I saw the devil wears prada.

    the only place i've found them have been on e-bay and i am unsure as to authentic quality.
  3. While the jewelry does go on sale, it's very difficult to find. You're only bet are places like eBay and

    I have successfully purchased authentic Chanel from
  4. the basic chain with logo belt/necklace is only 270....which is very reasonable compared to the seasonal versions
  5. Great tip - thanks!
  6. I saw a necklace/belt at Chanel boutique in LV at Christmas that was $500. I thought it was a great price but my sister had her eye on it and I didn't think it was worth breaking up a family relationship over (though I wonder now if maybe it was:confused1: )>LOL.
  7. Same here! I'm dying to know how much that Chanel necklace/belt in "Devil wears Prada" costs? And if they are still available in the boutiques? I saw some on eBay and they either look super fake or they are over a grand!! :wtf:
  8. What's wrong with bluefly? Did I miss a thread or something?