Chanel question

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  1. Hey I was wondering if anyone know anything about the Chanel Lambskin slouchy hobo bag? Is it still sold in stores? I don't know the exact name of the bag, but it looks like this:
    it's so gorgeous, but I don't like buying things from ebay! Too scary :worried:
    If anyone has it and can show me pictures, I would be so grateful! :biggrin:
  2. I saw this bag 2 weeks ago at Neiman Marcus (Virginia). Almost bought it for my birthday but decided to go for the re-issue. Most likely the boutiques still carry it.
  3. *gasp* someone told me that it wasn't available in stores anymore!
    I'm definitely going to look at saks or neiman marcus since there are no boutiques close to me. I've been eyeing the reissue too... what color did you get?
  4. drooling (slipping in pseub's drool)....that's gorgeous!
  5. Thanks, ladies. This is my first designer bag ever.....if it wasn't for this group I won't even find the courage to spend this much money on a handbag.Myhusband, bless his heart, actually bought this one for me. Now if I could only get my hand on that new Clandestine!
  6. Yay, another convertee.. ! :biggrin:

    And might I add, you started your high end collection with stunning style !
  7. I believe this bag is no longer available through Chanel--they searched for it for me back in Dec. There was a newer version that had a slightly different chain (it had a piece of leather at the shoulder connected to the chains) and the leather was stitched with a quilted pattern. In Dec. they still had a few of the newer version in the system. I think the price was around $1425 for the smaller size. Based on the pic and listing you posted, I believe the eBay bag is the larger version. This is a great bag (I saw it in person) and perhaps you will be able to find it through a department store!