Chanel Question

  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm in a country where Designer Brands are very few :shame:. Unfortunately, Chanel is not one of them. I usually go abroad to buy the labels that I want. Prior to my trip, I surf shop and make my research. However, the official Chanel website does not include all the styles available in boutiques with their prices unlike LV (e-Luxury), Gucci, Botega Venetta, etc.

    What sites can I visit in order to view Chanel shoes and bags and their prices? I don't want to rely on e-Bay because of pricing and authenticity issues.

    Help! :smile:
  2. the best way is to take a look at our Chanel reference library. There you will see all the collections and what PFers have bought. The PFers will sometimes write style numbers, prices, where they bought them and the such.