chanel question

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  1. Hi,
    I'm interested in getting a Chanel bag, and I have an image in my mind of what I want, but I am unsure of the name. I have to order from Holt Renfrew or a Chanel store itself because there isn't one where I live, so I need to know the exact product name! Does anyone know what you call a quilted leather chain strap Chanel bag with a flap and the gold interlocking C's? It's not the 2.55 because that doesn't have the logo, but it is the same shape. The website for Chanel is pretty much useless so I thought I'd ask.

  2. I think you are describing the most classic bag they have, which is from the "classic " collection. But you need to know what color you want(black, tan, pink, etc) and more importantly what kind of leather. Do you want it patent(shiny), or i believe it is called caviar, the leather isnt smooth and it looks nice, or your other choice a smooth leather. I hope I helped maybe someone can clear up my statement about the caviar.
  3. Do you have a Neiman Marcus store near you? I recently purchased a Chanel bag from them and noticed they have a dictionary-size book of Chanel products with photos, style #, and all.

    Another suggestion is to do a search on eBay and see if the current listings have a picture and name to help you.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
  4. I believe you are talking about "the baby classic", which I have owned for years and still use. If you need pictures, tell me, mine is in black. That is indeed the name by the way.
  5. Pictures would be good! Do you mind me asking how much it cost?

  6. And would you mind informing me how you girls know all the "names" of these bags? I am clueless unless I find out on this forum. You are all so savvy!!!
  7. If you're not talking about the 2.55 then I am pretty sure you are talking about the "classic" flap bag(comes in silver/gold hardware w/ double strap). Yes! I have 3 and love them all. They come in 3 sizes. The small is just too small for me, the medium classic flap is what I have and then there's the large classic flap (too big for me). You have the beautiful lambskin (smoothe, needs extra care, easy to scratch), caviar (leather is almost pebble-like&not as easy to scratch). Of course some Chanel bags, depending on style come in patent leather(shiny)(I haven't seen any classic flaps in patent leather). The bags aren't spacious. I can only fit my cell phone, lipgloss, small wallet & keys in them. I don't want to stuff it or anything. When I purchased the bag, they were a lot cheaper, but I think they are going for $1495 (medium flap) in the stores today. I could be wrong. A classic Chanel flap bag is always a safe bet and you'll never get sick of looking at it. Great craftsmanship. Good luck darlin'!!!!
  8. I have had this bag for at least 10 years, I bought it in my early twenties. I have know idea how much it is anymore. I hope this is the one you mean and that it helps, good luck!:P

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  9. i think u mean the classic flap bag! I have it-- i love it!