1. Im sooo confused! help!! Anyone ever had to decide on this too?? :confused1:
  2. Personally, I own the Vitalumiere and have found it to be awesome! It really gives me a flawless, dewy finish (and my skin is not that great, mind you). The only thing I'd have to point out is: pick the RIGHT shade. The 1st one I bought was lighter and I looked horrid (but that's not Chanel's fault, is it? hehe). It's also very much on the creamy side, so watch out if you have oily skin. Another pro: you'll look so glam pulling out your Chanel compact :yes:
  3. I used Vitalumiere for a few years and just bought Teint Innocence yesterday and really, they're both awesome. No matter which one you choose, it'll look great!
  4. Thanks ladies!!
  5. depends on what coverage you want. teint innocence is much lighter, though buildable