Chanel Question from a Visitor:)

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  1. Hi everyone, just visiting from the Balenciaga board...what's the price range for a smaller size chanel purse? Basically I'm looking for something like a pochette or clutch with with the benefit of a strap so I can carry it over my shoulder. Also, what sizes are reissues come in besides medium, large, and jumbo? How much are they? TIA for any info!
  2. It sounds like you might like a east/west. That's the closet to a "pouchette" that I can think of. With the price increase it's around $1,300 now... somebody can probably give you the exact figure!
  3. IntlSet--Thanks for the info:smile:
  4. there's also a Cotton Club Pochette and several others.
    Check out our Reference Library for sizes and proces of the Reissues and Flaps, also the Cotton Club thread in there could help:yes:
  5. Thanks Swanky Mama!
  6. I think the cambon pochette was 850 ish?
  7. I bought my mother's and my CC pochette in May for $795+tax.