chanel quality?

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  1. I've had my cambon pochette since may and i've already noticed some of stitching coming apart from the bag. the black color of the handles is also rubbing off on the pink. part of the "C" on the side of the bag is starting to curl, too. i'm not sure if i want another chanel if i don't get better quality, my marc by marc jacobs bag was better quality :sad:. being a college student, i have a tough time shelling out $500+ for a bag already, but if the bag is falling apart after only 6 months, i think i'll carry another brand. am i just unlucky with my bag? my finger is itching on a balenciaga 05 black first on ebay.
  2. I think there are some duds unfortunately, but Chanel will remedy any issues you have w/ the bag.
    They shouldn't be doing what your's is doing, many people carry their bag{s} for years and never have a problem w/ the quality.