Chanel Quality Issues and Repairs - Rant

  1. I really need to vent about my current Chanel issue and wonder if other PF'ers are experiencing the same things...:mad:

    I bought a Dark Silver reissue bag last year and after just carrying it out for 1 week (and I really baby all my bags), I noticed the stitching on the back corner pocket was starting to come loose and fraying. Keep in mind I hadn't even put anything in that back pocket! So, I took it to my local Chanel boutique in October, explained the problem, and they said that it's under warranty and they will have it repaired. Now, it's mid-January, still no bag. I've called my boutique 3 times since the beginning of the year to get an answer on status, nothing. Each time, it's, "oh, we need to call the repair center and then we'll call you back". Never heard a word from them, nothing, nada. It's now 3 months without a bag that I only used for a week. WTH!!! :cursing: For a mid $2k bag I expect a heck of a lot more in quality. In comparison, my LVs have held up a lot better and if I needed repairs, I've never had to wait this long! Thanks for letting me vent...
  2. OMG I'd be beside myself in sheer panic/rage...I would call tomorrow and demand an answer and remind them how much you have tied up in that bag and can't use it!!! Woof..keep us posted...Hang in there girl..I'm sure everything will turn out fine...
  3. Oh that is terrible, sorry to hear about your quality issue. I haven't had any problems with my reissue and I hope I never do with any chanel purchase. Do you have an SA you regularly talk to at the boutique you took it too? Maybe you could keep in touch with the same person each time and then I'm sure they'll pay more attention to it for you :confused1:
  4. That's unacceptable!!! If you can you should go to the channel boutique that you dropped it off and have them check status while you wait.
  5. I would go down there and demand to talk to a manager, that's unacceptable!
  6. That's a really good idea, but I work a lot and it's a massive inconvenience for me to make a trip out to do this. But I think it's the only way for me to get an answer. I have a regular SA and unfortunately, it's another person who is the liason for repairs.. ugh, seriously makes me question on buying Chanel in the future!

  7. I have had quality issues with Chanel this year - my Baby Coco Cabas fell apart and the bag I bought instead was in recall status for breaking chains. Both times I was able to get instant satisfaction and now I have a jumbo classic flap in lambskin which cost $2800.- I Haven't really used it yet, it is Chanel's last chance. - If I were you, I would demand to have the bag returned to you as good as new within 1 week, if not, I would ask that my account be credited. It is outrageous to be without the bag after having spent a fortune!!!!
  8. i'm already dissapointed so much with the incident of my first chanel experience with the classic flap ( the leather quality, stitching and services ). After exchanging, repair and replacing etc etc that i dont feel i want to buy anymore chanel ... So i will just keep this one as the one and only chanel i ever have. Its just too expensive to feel unhappy about it. I rather spend the money in LVs or Hermes.
  9. I've been having problems with the stitching in the chain on my ultimate soft. It's upsetting considering how much the bag cost (I've had bags from Target that held together better!) and I really don't want to send it off for repairs after 2.5 months and be without it for months and months so I'll have to wait until I'm near a boutique again to see what they think.
    The number of problems with stitching that people have been posting about fairly recently is rather discouraging to say the least.
  10. Definitely call and ask to speak to a manager. Did you pay by credit card? Tell the manager if you don't get a status by X time (You determne what X is), you will contact your bank to issue a chargeback and they can keep the bag upon return! The word chargeback may be all it takes to get some proper service.
  11. the same crap happened to my 07A black reissue 227! holy cow, and i thought i was the only one! i hardly carried her (probably 5 times?) and the thread on the inner flap (there are 2 corners of the inner flap stitched onto the main flap - this is a common sight for all flaps in order to put the 2 flaps together there will have to be these 2 corner stitches) came loose! i noticed it was fraying after i use her twice and i told my SA that it did. then a few weeks later, the thread was entirely out! i brought the bag back to her, together with my cabas (the links holding the chains opened) for repair. luckily, the repairs took a week long phew! but that's b/c they hire a local tailor to fix the bags!

    PS: you really need to speak to the manager to speed things up, or go to the boutique and check things out. the SAs on your side seem reluctant to entertain you via the phone. when you speak to them, be firm as well as assertive that you would like your bag back and give them a dateline, rather than them getting back to you or something? JMO!
  12. I'm so sorry to hear.
    You should go to the store and demand to speak to the manager about this.Demand a new replacement bag even!It's been too long I agree.Probably have to factor in the holiday period where they don't work though(I mean the repair people).
    Keep us posted!!
  13. i'm with you ~ it's ridiculous the length of time companies take to do repairs ~ i didn't see my balenciaga for nearly 4 months ~ one begins to wonder ~ have they lost my bag? :confused1:
  14. im so sorry about your experience! that's pretty scary...for the price of their bags, they should make sure that all the bags coming out from their factories or that are released to the customers are 100% perfect everytime! or if it's found to be damaged or defective, i think they should replace it ASAP for the hassle and everything, not just repair it. i hope you get to drop by the store and demand that they return your bag or replace it! goodluck! i hope everything works out well
  15. EWwWW that's horrible! I sent in a bag for cleaning once, it wasn't even really dirty or anything. It was just my first Chanel bag and I wanted to give it a spa treatment. So I sent it in to Chanel, 3 months later it came back with the stitching all coming loose and they destroyed the interior. Really brought me to tears.