Chanel quality issue (medium flap)

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  1. Dear TPFers, I have a classic medium flap which I purchased recently from a Chanel boutique when I was traveling last week. I've never use it before and today is my first day taking it out. In the past, I never check the purses when comes to buying in the boutiques. Reason being I trust them enough to sell quality goods with no defects (these are luxury brands anyway). But today, when I took out my new flap, I realize the interior bottom is not tightly sewn & the leather seems loose. It 'puffs' up when I press it down.

    Besides that, as this is a new flap, the interior seems to be curving inside (not expanded), so as I push it out to store my wallet, I realize the leather wrinkled. I believe it's because the leather was loosely sewed. Hence the excessive leather wrinkled when I push it out. I've attached a photo below as reference. I immediately ring up my local boutique and went over to compare with what they have in store. It seems like all classic medium flap (the SA claimed to be new batch) is having the same issue (loose bottom), but only mine has extra defect with wrinkled leather. I'm very bothered with this but the SA insisted that its not quality problem, and if I were to exchange I'll have to pay extra $500 or more for the difference of the price I buy abroad. I turned down the offer.

    Since I'm keeping this flap, I just want to check if someone out there shares the same experience as me? I've compared my bag with my friends (also classic medium) but hers is perfectly sewn and when I push out the leather it doesn't wrinkle like mine. FYI, hers was bought 4 years back.

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  2. I haven't got my classic flap to check atm, but I'm sure that you can pull the inside lining out of the bag.. For example they don't stitch the inside lining to the bottom of the bag. I'm sure I saw a video of this on YouTube from a vintage consignment store.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the inside of the bag, that's going to be the part of the bag that ages the most, ie scratches etc.