Chanel Python

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  1. Hi guys,

    Do u know if the Soho exclusive bag still available?? I'm aching for the grey python. Does the grey one come with gold hardware as well?? I've been searching online, but all I've seen just a silver hardware. If so, how can I order it and do they ship to another state??

    Thank you for your help (:

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  2. I think they are still available.

    PM me if you need my SA's contact. He ships it to me in Singapore!
  3. Does anyone know how much this is?
  4. ^$4900
  5. Hi Gaga_ser...sorry Im newbie here so I couldn't pm you, could you give me your SA's contact? I want to ask about the Red metallic python just like yours. Fall for it when see yours :smile:.TIA
  6. You and I have the same aching need:graucho: LOL
  7. Sorry I just saw your message.

    My Chanel SA is from Houston, Kiet Chu.