Chanel Python Flap Bag

  1. Anyone know where I can get the Chanel Python Flap Bag and how much it is??? It's on their website under Christmas Accessories... I WANT!! lol
  2. My NM has one, or had one last time I was there a week ago.
    I think it's $2995 and it's completely TDF!!!!!!!

    Call NM @ 972.629.1700 ask for Shannon in handbags.
  3. I found a python flap bag but in a slightly bigger size...should I get it or is it too bulky...its bigger than the small one but smaller than the largest size...I really need your opinions because its on hold for me....
    Thanks :smile:
  4. The one for $2995 is really small, so a slightly bigger one is probably ideal:yes:
  5. I have this one with the tassle (see my avatar). It is about 11" by 6 1/2". I only use it for evening or special occasions so the size is fine with me.

    It is so light - I just love it.
  6. Yes this is the size I found in another colour blue actually...I wanted smaller but its not available...would you recommend it?
  7. I absolutely love it. I think it is perfect for evenings out. And I always get tons of compliments when I use it.

    I have better close-up pictures posted in the Chanel Reference sub-forum. It should be under the thread for Classic Flaps and is one of the first ones posted.

    PM me if you have another other questions - and Good Luck!!
  8. NM has several comming for Cruise 2007 in timeless classic style ranging from 1900+ to 4000+ in white/red/black/lilac purple. I'm looking at the lilac purple. THe clutch style also in white/black. So pretty in the pictures though. I have never own a pythong before and I don't how easy to maintain.
  9. iluvchanel can yuo post pics please?
  10. Oh no. I only see pictures from Look Book & Poster in color.
  11. There is also one at Nordstrom Seattle. It is beautiful. I hope you don't live in Cali because I don't think they can sell python there. Good luck.
  12. Fedex is picking up mine today going back to the boutique, too small of a bag for that kind of $$$.