Chanel Python clutch and Ostrich Jumbo Flap at NM (pics)

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  1. My NM has a gorgeous Black Python Clutch $1695 (I love this) and a Jumbo Classic Flap in Beige/Ivory for $7650

    Call Lisa Hamlin if you are interested (248) 635-8442:smile:
    ChanelClutch_watermarked.jpg Chanel flap_watermarked.jpg
  2. :drool: Wow!
  3. the python clutch is gorgeous! price isnt bad either. do you know the style number?
  4. i picked up that python clutch yesterday in silver! silver is gorgeous!
  5. I love the ostrich bag, and I agree with the others that the python clutch is a pretty good price.
  6. ^^^ Get it now before the prices go up! YIKES!!! Love the python though!
  7. I'd love to see pics!!
  8. here is a pic - hope u can open!

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  9. That is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:drool::drool::drool:
  10. congrats Soni.

    WOw, thanks jag....more temptation. I love that ostrich bag....unfortunately i'll never be able to see one IRL, Australia doesn't allow them in.
  11. Soni, your clutch is absolutely gorgeous!! :heart: Did you find it at a Chanel boutique? Is it the same price as the black?
  12. That clutch dropped me jaw!

  13. yes bought it at a chanel boutique.. its more expensive than the black. its$1895 usd. But worth every dollor! i love it and have been waiting since October for it to come out - its part of the cruise collection..
  14. please post pictures for us!!
  15. i have ! go to post 8 - there is a pic on that! hope u can access it!